Sage’s Training Log: 8.16.2015

If you read my training log from last week, you saw that I defaulted on running the Wave to Wine Half Marathon (that *#$ hamstring) and transferred by half marathon bib for a 10k bib. I felt slow: I was in the middle of my Paleo reset diet, which was leaving me sluggish; my hamstring was biting; and I was frustrated. It seemed to be a repeat scenario from May, when I ran the 10k instead of the Windsor Green Half Marathon. At that race, though, I had a PR of 47:07, almost 2 ½ minutes faster than the several 10k runs I’d done earlier in the year. I was certain it was a fluke (or the course wasn’t measured correctly or the chip on my bib was broken), so imagine my surprise when I ran 47:20 last Sunday! I placed third female, sixth overall, and first in my age group. Now, before you jump up and down, the statistics were probably in my favor as only 140+/- ran the 10k race as the half marathon was the draw. I was neck and neck with an eleven-year-old boy at the finish line, and the first and second place runners were women. Clearly an advantage of running a very local race! It was fun, though.

The finish line: Water to Wine 10k.
The finish line: Water to Wine 10k.

The rest of the week was dedicated to recovery and visiting our absolutely adorable, beautiful, curious, chatty, and cuddly four-month-old grandson in State College, Pennsylvania (both my son (Philosophy) and daughter-in-law (Chinese History) are assistant professors there). Of course, we loved visiting Christopher and Kate, but Solomon was the highlight of the trip. My only strength training was holding a fourteen-pound baby as much as possible!

The week:

Sunday: 10k @7:38 min/ml (47:20)

Monday: swim (1 mile); massage (with very strict instructions to Sally to go easy!)

Tuesday: Too many hours on an airplane (used a tennis ball to massage trigger points, so felt like some scar tissue was being worked)

Wednesday: 6 mile run with Christopher and Doug on rolling hills around and about the Penn State campus

Thursday: Morning hike then about 5 miles walking through the arboretum, downtown and throughout campus

My son and his family! Spring Hill Creek, State College, PA.
My son and his family! Spring Hill Creek trail near State College, PA.

Friday: 6 mile run around Milford Marsh (through wet grass, a welcome site to us Californians, and along the bike trail)

Saturday: swim (1 mile); strength training (back home with my familiar in-house routine).

Good week but I already miss our little guy. Next visit: New York City for Thanksgiving….

I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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  1. Congratulations on an amazing race! You look so strong at the finish line! Hope you will look me up when you are in NYC over Thanksgiving.

    1. Let’s plan on it. Will have more details as we get closer to the holiday but likely in NYC Monday-Friday of that week. Will bring running shoes!

        1. That’d be fun. We’re going to stay in Soho area (airbnb) with family. We lived in NYC in late 1980s where I ran in sometimes very inhospitable neighborhoods. West side run would be fun.