Sage’s Training Log: 8.16.2015-8.22.2015

Now that my 10k race is over, I’m not sure for what I’m training. I’ve registered for the Portland Half Marathon to be run on October 4, 2015, mostly as an excuse to visit my sister in the area and because my husband is running the marathon. I’d hoped I’d have two half marathons under my belt by this upcoming race, but ‘twas not to be. So this will be the first half marathon in over five and a half years (Austin Half Marathon Spring 2010) or not. There’s no 10k race as backup, so I’ll play it by ear whether I’ll be a spectator or participant. Training will be more by feel during the next six weeks: likely mid-distance runs with some tempo runs and slow, longer distances. I’ll do less speed work as I try to manage training while nursing the hamstring pain. Finding the balance is still touch and go!

Salty Hat inadvertently seen in store window in Healdsburg, CA.
Salty Hat in store window in Healdsburg, CA.

Running this week was focused on slow, easy mid-distance lengths with some bicycling and swimming on alternate days. We saw “Trails in Motion,” nine trail running films with “Finding Traction,” the Vermont Long Trail attempt by Nikki Kimball to beat the men’s record, the feature film. Amazing, amazing footage and determination! I especially liked the film focusing on Bernd Heinrich, “Why We Run,” almost a post-script to his evolutionary biology book of that same name, which is a runner’s bible for many of us. The event supported Sonoma County’s Girls on the Run, which is now in 28 schools throughout the county. A few girls were in the audience so hope they were as inspired by the athletes, especially the women, highlighted in the films, as I was.

Girls on the Run (image courtesy of Girls on the Run): beneficiary of Healdsburg showing of "Trails in Motion"
Girls on the Run (image courtesy of Girls on the Run): beneficiary of Healdsburg showing of “Trails in Motion”

Today (Saturday) I attended a Chi Running training class taught by my massage therapist and leader of the Running Retreat camp I’m attending next weekend in western Sonoma County. She was very thorough especially as she demonstrated how she went from very high strider (taught by her father, a sprinter in Scotland) doing marathons and triathlons to the lean forward (her mantra: think of a needle (your core) with cotton (the arms, legs, etc.)/knees back/mid-foot stride espoused by this running methodology. I think it’ll help me lessen the stress on my hamstrings and hip area, but did I feel like a neophyte! Lots to think about with this body.

This week’s day by day count:

Sunday: Run 9 miles @8:54 (first longer run in several weeks)

Monday: Swim (.75m); bike (10m)

Tuesday: Run 7 miles (tempo: 1m easy/5m @HMP/1m easy)

Wednesday: Swim (.75m)

Thursday: Run 8 miles @8:42; walk (5 miles [to coffee shop and back])

Friday: Swim (.8m); bike (15m)

Saturday: Chi Running class; strength (RFRL)

Total running: 24 miles

Total swimming: 2.3 miles

Total bicycling: 25 miles

To Colorado for a few days and running along my favorite Boulder Creek Trail!

I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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