Sage’s Training Log 7.4.2015

This week started HOT (109 in Boise) so my husband and I did an early morning hike on one of the trails of Camel’s Back Park instead of any running. I did strength training later in the day in the very air-conditioned hotel room, which was a little tight but good to keep this on schedule. Very lazy afternoon as we stayed inside, where I read the newest novel (“A Possible Love”) by Sebastian Faulk, a British writer whose work I love (e.g., “Birdsong”).

Following Doug on trail at Camel's Back Park, Boise.
Following Doug on trail at Camel’s Back Park, Boise.

The rest of the week was solid: track work on Monday where I continue to go faster than intended based on my estimated pace for the upcoming half marathon. Even back in Sonoma it was warmer than normal and I ran in the early afternoon, unusual for me, but glad to be back at the track. I only need to worry about pace as the track is decent, there’s a water fountain near by, and it’s only ½ mile from our house.

I did my long run on Wednesday (10 miles) to mix things up a bit and focused on slow pace (30 seconds slower than target race minutes/mile), relaxed shoulders, and breathing (trying to take deeper, longer breaths while tightening my pelvic muscles). I usually do these longer runs on one of the flatter country roads in Sonoma County, passing vineyards, cows, and peacocks. Very lucky to live and train in this part of the country!

Friday was my tempo run, standard 1 mile easy, 5 miles at mid-tempo pace (half marathon pace +12 seconds, slightly faster than target pace), 1 mile easy. My body felt sluggish so had to concentrate to keep running and not stop at the farmer’s market at mile four!

Cross-training this week was the Idaho hike, the Lovall Valley bicycle ride, and some walking and bicycling on Saturday (sort of easy active recovery day). The Fourth of July celebration brings so many people to the area that we walked to the parade and bicycled on our urban bikes. Celebrating the country’s independence!

Fourth Of July parade around Sonoma Plaza. Slice of Americana!
Fourth Of July parade around Sonoma Plaza. Slice of Americana!

Total running: 20 miles (a little less because of the way I am “counting” the week)

Total bicycling: 35 miles

Total walking/hiking: 15 miles





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