Sage’s Training Log: 6.21.2015-6.27.2015

This week was supposed to be a routine on-schedule on-plan training week with no interruptions, travel or achy joints or muscles. I hoped to start adding some running mileage on one of the cross-training days to increase overall weekly mileage without compromising the “run faster, run less” program.

My track work went well with target a few seconds ahead of target pace, getting into just below 7:00 min/ml for several of the 1200 intervals, which, for me, is likely too fast to maintain without injury. But it was fun! I added more bicycling, both my road biking, where I try to ride 20-25 miles with some major grades (15%), and my urban bike, where I ride more leisurely in the countryside. [See photo of Sonoma back roads]

I used the gyrotonic machine in Pilates for the first time, which allows the body to move more freely without weights, sort of a combination of swimming, ballet, and bicycling (or synchronized swimming without the water). We focused on a hamstring series, which I enjoyed, but felt some biting toward the end of the forty-five minute session (maybe too long for the first time). I added some strength training on the alternate days, although still trying to figure out which time works best as the running coaches out there in the ether world have differences of opinions (before running, on recovery days, not on recovery days because you should be keeping exercise to a minimum, after a run: confusing).

The week:

Sunday: 4×1200 (5:34; 5:42; 5:32; 5:36)

Monday: Road bike (25 miles)

Tuesday: 10 miles @8:31 (half marathon pace +15): easy rhythm, easy arm swing (trying to keep from sweeping across my front), bright and clear day

Wednesday: Walk (3.5mile), bicycle (15 miles): right knee and glut sore from Tuesday’s run (and perhaps also from Pilates session)

Thursday: Tempo (1 mile easy/ 5miles @8:41/1 mile easy): another day without much energy, which was unusual for me, but perhaps holdover from earlier in week

Friday: Bicycle (21 miles in Boise, Idaho, very hot, some elevation (2700’) [See photo of Payette River on way to Sawtooth Mountains]

Saturday: Tempo (5 miles @8:30, hopefully translates to a bit faster if I hadn’t been at elevation).

In all, total weekly mileage increased, but nursing a sort knee and hamstring, which is common when I increase mileage AND travel.

I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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  1. It is tough to run and travel — being unnaturally squished in an airplane or car for many hours is hard on the body. But fun to see new places. Hope your knee and hamstring feel better soon.