Sage’s Training Log: 2.14.2016

Santa Monica "muscle" beach after run
Santa Monica “muscle” beach after run

This week marks the half-way mark for my mid-April half marathon training program. Two months ago it seemed I had plenty of time to prepare well; now, the weeks are flying by. While my training is hitting most of the marks on paper, I hesitate to say I feel on track. The excitement of course this week was attending the Olympic marathon trials on Saturday (well, the better part of the weekend was being with my son and almost daughter-in-law, but it’s all relative) and seeing the incredible, strong, fearless, relentless running women and to learn more of their stories. I hope to write a post about being a spectator at this special event.

This week, though, training did follow plan, with MY highest mileage week this training session (although yes, the “imposter” in me knows it falls short of what many of you are running week in and week out). The statistics:

Monday: 5 miles easy run; massage to attack the flared-up, tight right hip

Tuesday: Intervals: 1 mile warm-up; 5x1k @7:30; 1 mile cool-down; 4.5 miles hike on Flagstaff Mountain (ice, snow, and dry trail combination)

Wednesday: 5 miles easy run; core strength exercises

Thursday: 5 miles equivalent run (aqua jogging) with four miles tempo at perceived hmp

Friday: 4.5 miles run @8:40 (after early morning flight to LA; run along Santa Monica beach)

Our own Teal Burrell along the marathon course. Loved seeing her run!
Our own Teal Burrell along the marathon course. Loved seeing her run!

Saturday: Watched the Olympic marathon trials (stood/walked for six hours)

Sunday: 9.2 miles easy run (along Santa Monica beach). I’d hoped to have a lovely sunrise run along the ocean; instead heavy fog blocked the view but I could hear the LA Marathon announcers on the Palisades above the beach. Good luck to all those runners!




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