Sage’s Training Log: 1.8-18.2016 (Taiwan running)

My ten days in Taiwan overlapped with weeks four and five of my spring half marathon training plan. I’d researched “places to run in Taipei” several weeks before I left Boulder for Taiwan, hoping that the interruption in training wouldn’t be too great. I’m still in base-building mode so hoped that simple easy runs most days would be achievable. To my good luck, the two primary running locations, Daan Park, which has a 2 km clay running trail, and various entrances to the over 100 km bike and running trail along Taipei’s two main rivers, were located fairly close to our small three-bedroom Airbnb apartment. Christopher runs daily (although usually with his dog and pushing the stroller with Solomon) so agreed to be my partner, running by my side until I became familiar with the routes. Then, he’d fly solo–faster pace and longer distance–returning to join me running through the crowded city streets back to the back street apartment.

I managed to run about one-third of my days in Taiwan; the rest were filled with walking miles through city streets, the Taipei zoo, and in the teeming, chaotic, night markets, or hiking up the steep steps of Mt. Qizing in Taipei or the root-strewn trails in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area, about five hours drive south of Taipei in the middle of the island. I wasn’t able to do my several times a week core/strength/flexibility training as the apartment rooms were too small, the linoleum hard, but help carrying Solomon must have helped my upper body strength!

Our adventures–and seeing first-hand Solomon’s rapid development from slowly crawling to standing by holding on with one hand to insisting on eating his food with chopsticks–more than made up for missing some running days. I’ve included a few photos of sights around and about Taiwan. Enjoy!

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  1. We enjoyed trying to figure out what some of them meant, even with Kate’s very good Mandarin! The countryside was lush and beautifully green. Saw a few running groups out (and a tidbit: Nike women is having one of their half marathons in Taipei this year, although didn’t see many women runners).

  2. It was such a great adventure and sharing it with family (especially one who is fluent in Mandarin and had lived in Taipei) was beyond words. Now back to reality and intervals!