Sage’s Training Log: 1.24.2016

Steeps up Mt. Qizing in Taipei.
Steeps up Mt. Qizing in Taipei.

Week Five: I was in Taiwan for week five of half marathon training. Although the program required five to six days of four to six mile easy runs, I probably ran about half of them; the rest of the time we hiked, walked and rode the subway around Taipai and the mountain district of Alishan. I wasn’t able to do any of my core strength or flexibility work-outs as the apartment was too small. I designate this weekย as “recovery” although that wasn’t really on the plan.

Week Six: Back home, I returned to the schedule and added some body core strength work and some after-run stretching and foam rolling. Jet lap (14 hour flight to Taiwan, 10 1/2 hour flight back) hasn’t been too bad except still waking for about two hours around 2:00 a.m.

The week:

Monday 1/18: Run 5 miles (through city streets and along river in Taipei)

Tuesday: Run 6 miles (Boulder Creek Trail: definitely hard breathing as I returned to altitude)

A popular electrolyte drink in Taiwan!
A popular electrolyte drink in Taiwan!

Wednesday: 5 miles temp (1 mile easy; 3 miles at 8:20; 1 mile easy) on NEW treadmill

Thursday: Hiked 7 miles (Goat Trail and Mt. Sanitas Valley trails); good core strength work-out

Friday: Run 4 miles (treadmill); hip strength work-out

Saturday: Run 7.5 miles (easy pace, longest run since half marathon last October). Finally felt easier breathing. Warmer weather (low 40s) also helped.

Sunday: Swim 1 mile (first time in pool in a month)

This coming week I’ll add intervals and a tempo run to the other easy days. Hope it works!

Morning exercises in Daan Park in Taiwan.
Morning exercises in Daan Park in Taiwan.

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