Rue’s Training Log: 3.12 – 3.18

This past week was a well-needed week of mileage and just running. On Sunday, Paprika and I landed in Detroit after the Gate River Run in Jacksonville, FL to find my car with a flat tire in the airport parking garage. I had scheduled a morning flight on purpose so that I could get a solid afternoon run in but that was quickly scratched once I had to drive back to Toledo and find someone to patch my tire before the snow storm hit. Sometimes an unplanned day off is exactly what you need both mentally and physically.

Sunday: Unplanned day off ๐Ÿ™‚ Travel day back from Jacksonville and then spent the day getting my car fixed.

Monday: Daylight savings has officially kicked my butt and I accidentally turned my alarm off instead of snoozing it. Luckily, I woke up at 8:23am (I normally wake up around 7:15am without an alarm so that makes sense) and made it to Savage Arena by 9am to meet Linh for a run. Did an easy morning 10 miles–my right IT band/glut was tight so I need to roll it out ASAP! Met up with Paprika in the afternoon for my double at Wildwood. It was great to have someone to run with on both runs today!! ย Total: 20 miles

Tuesday: Ran from my apartment to Savage Arena to meet Linh for 6 miles and then ran home. IT band felt better than yesterday but I can tell it is still irritated. The snow was slightly frustrating which didn’t help my IT band but hopefully it will melt soon! In the afternoon, I jumped in a few cool downs since my athletes were working out. Total: 20 miles

Wednesday: Recruiting days are always long so I knew that I had to take advantage of my morning run. The snow was basically gone and I ran with Linh from Savage Arena. I felt a ton better today and my IT band didn’t bother me at all! After spending the afternoon with a recruit, I bribed myself with Piada to do my evening double. I didn’t start until about 7pm but I talked to my dad on the phone while I ran 6 miles so it wasn’t so bad. Total: 18 miles

Thursday: Woke up early to get 10 miles in before day 2 of recruiting. Nothing special–just an average day on the bike path. In the afternoon I ran with the women on the team and the weather was beautiful. My feet bothered me (I’m breaking in a new pair of running shoes)–I ran 3 days in the new shoes without any issues so I was surprised they bothered me so much today. ย Total: 19.5

Friday: Well after letting my toes and hands unthaw from timing morning workouts, Paprika ran with Linh and I from Savage. We sneakily tricked him into running 12 miles rather than 6 miles–he can thank us later. Total: 12 miles

Saturday: Ran at Wildwood with the team. I got there about 40 minutes before our scheduled practice to get some extra minutes in before the team arrived. Overall, it was a relaxing day at Wildwood. Total: 14.5

Total Weekly Mileage: 105 miles

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