Rosemary’s Training Log 9-9-12

Running in new places to spice things up! View from the trail at Presque Isle in Erie, PA.

I’m not sure if it was too much alone time, travel, hormones, stress mis-management or something else, but by mid-week I was in the midst of a mini-breakdown. But by the end of the week, I was back home and feeling somewhat normal again.

Monday– 12 miles with 8 @ < 7:45. Had a seriously impressive tempo (for me… right now), running 7:40, 7:37, 7:27, 7:21, 7:30, 7:09, 7:00, 7:00. Usually, such a run would lead to a minimum 2-3 day runner’s high. Especially after struggling last week. Yet, I didn’t care. This left me wondering, “what is wrong with me??”

Tuesday– 6 miles easy before a full work day followed by an EPIC drive to Rochester, NY. Not a fan of the NY Turnpike.


Thursday– Stopped in Erie, PA on the way from Rochester to my parent’s house in Ohio. Ran 6 x 2 min on/off for a total of 8 miles along the water. Indifference continues.

Friday– 6.5 easy miles with Salty! It was fun to run together and chat with her about all things running.

Saturday– 6.5 easy miles in the rain.

Sunday– 10 easy miles with Tayler.

I knew this week would be very telling. And by mid-week, I knew something had to change. I felt like the volume, intensity and progression of my training were spot-on. But why didn’t I care? I wasn’t sure if I needed a more concrete goal, a short-term goal, a vacation, more accountability, less accountability. Waaah! I talked with my coach and decided to take a break from structured training.ย After we decided this, I felt shocked and a bit lost. But after a few days to process it, I’m cautiously optimistic that a flash of autonomy will help me refocus. Just writing it sounds incredibly counterintuitive, but it somehow feels right.



I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Running mostly early am miles as I balance life as the mom of a toddler. With PR days in the past, my primary running goal is to be a lifelong runner. With 20+ years behind me, I still love the sport and I am truly grateful for every day I get to run.

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