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Full bio after the jump: Age: 28

Country/State/General Vicinity: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Year you ran your first mile without walking: 1997

Year you became ‘a runner’: 1997

Why you started running: Because I didn’t make the 7th/8th grade volleyball team but wanted to play a fall sport. I missed the deadline to join XC for that fall but signed up fir track in the spring. Blessing in disguise!

Why you run now:  I have run for my entire adolescent and adult life and I’m not sure I could function without running! I love the feeling of purpose and striving for a goal. Running has shaped my work ethic and attitude towards obstacles and achievements.

Month/Year you became a Salty Blogger:  June of 2012

What is your voice on Salty Running?  Fact-based foodie

What is your favorite category of posts on Salty Running?  I love it all! Especially the varying perspectives from all the bloggers! Running is so many things to so many people. I continue to learn about nuances in the sport and running’s life lessons from my fellow bloggers.

What’s the most you ever spent on a sport bra? Hmm probably $25 on a seamless reebok. Sports bra chafe is the worst!

First race: Is it sad that I don’t remember? Something on the track. I remember my first XC race. It was hot at our home meet and I was afraid to bear/pass one of my friends, so every time I got close, I stopped to walk. I got over that fear by the next week I placed 1st for the team, 4th overall.

Last race: USATF Club XC Nationals in 2011.

3 Races you most wish you could run: Penn Relays 5,000 m or 10,000 m. Every future Chicago Marathon- I’m in love with that race! And even though I’ve only done one triathlon, I’d  also like to do Escape to Alcatraz. Because it looks badass.

Favorite race: Chicago Marathon. Followed closely by any competitive track 5,000 m that requires sharp elbows:)

Best running advice you’ve ever gotten: Just get yourself out the door and the rest will be easier than you thought. I’m such a procrastinator, so this really helps.

First Running Shoe: Adidas something-or-other from Kohls. Which I lost after less than one month and had to ask for new ones as a birthday present.

Do you run with a watch? What kind?  I always ran in $6 watches until I won a timed at a race and learned the magic of lap-splits! I wear a garmin for road workouts and runs in new places. And sometimes long runs.

Running goals for 2012:  Run a race in my new Columbus Running Club singlet that I’ve been dying to wear since February!

Current/Main/Favorite Shoe:  Nike Pegasus! I also love the Adidas Adios.

How many pairs of running shoes are currently in your house? I have about 12 run-able pairs hanging on the back of a door. And at least 5 more expired shoes that I can’t part with. And my hubs has 5-6 pairs too. We have a stinky shoe closet!

Running hero(es): Running hero: I’m inspired by ladies who have improved their running from average to elite, such as Ariana Hilborn (marathon PR from 4 hours to 2:37) and my teammate, Paige Biglin (among other feats, she has a 5k PR improved from >20 minutes to 17:00) And Lauren Fleshman, because she keeps it real and relatable. And I envy her entrepreneurial prowess.

Favorite Running Partner(s): ladies of the CRC!!

Non-running hobby: cooking

Who’s in your household? Me and my husband Joe. And two cats.

Occupation (how you get your shoe money): pediatric physical therapist and clinical researcher

Would you like to add anything? I love running at the very core. There is something pure and comforting about just putting one foot in front of the other.  And I love quotes. Right now my favorite is: “sometimes I think as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

1mile– 4:59 (Ogden downhill mile-2011) 5:26(CRC mile dash 2011- flat)
3,000 m- 10:42 Capital University 2011
5,000 m – 17:55 Ohio University sunset distance classic 2011
5 mile – 30:58 (Johnnycake Jog 2011)
10k – 38:53 tie- 2003 10,000m and 10k split of 2011 Chicago marathon.
15k – 60:30 Cincinnati Heart Mini 2010
10 mile- 64:30 Perfect 10 mile 2009
1/2 Marathon – 1:22:28- Chicago Marathon split.
Marathon – 2:53:33- Chicago Marathon 2011


I'm a pediatric physical therapist by day. Running mostly early am miles as I balance life as the mom of a toddler. With PR days in the past, my primary running goal is to be a lifelong runner. With 20+ years behind me, I still love the sport and I am truly grateful for every day I get to run.

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