Road to the Run Across the USA #2

Whew. It’s been a challenging couple of weeks, with even more challenges to come. Travel has been insane and, weather permitting, the Collegiate Trail Loop FKT begins on July 29. That’s less than two weeks away … gulp!

On the planning front I’m still locking down travel logistics. Overall, I just feel really lucky to have the opportunity to spend a week and a half along the Continental Divide raising money for Girls on the Run

On the sponsorship front, Nomi Bar and Perfect Bar have both agreed to provide their products to support the Collegiate Trail attempt. I’ve made no secret of my love for Perfect Bar over the years, but Nomi is a new-to-me product. Also a refrigerated bar, it is made with pronounceable ingredients like oats, fruit, soft squashes, and chocolate. I discovered Nomi bars in Target’s refrigerated section last week, while in North Dakota, and they were a lifesaver for breakfast. I often look for fiber and fruit to fuel my runs, and these fit the bill and are conveniently packaged. While they do best in the fridge, they can be taken on the go for up to three days.

Speaking of fuel I’ve started working out a tentative fueling plan for a typical day on the hike. It always surprises people to find out how much I already eat on a daily basis, so I’m a little worried I won’t be able to carry enough food, and am planning to resupply in Monarch Pass. I’m not bringing any food that requires heating except my morning coffee.

Daily plan:

Alpine Start Instant Coffee – 1-2 cups. Full disclosure: I’m an Alpine Start ambassador, but I don’t make any $$ on an affiliate link. Alpine Coffee tastes good hot or cold (and mixes well cold), and it is an awesome company that promotes environmental and ecological preservation.

Picky Granola – 1 cup

Mid-morning snack – 1-2 Nomi Bars

Lunch – Cliff Bar and trail mix

Mid-afternoon snack – Picky Bars

Dinner – Soy nuts, dehydrated garbanzo beans, and dried fruit

Pre-bedtime second dinner – Perfect Bars

Total calories: 3,000+

After this, I may never want to see a packaged bar again. Well … almost. This is basically my dream diet (and, strangely, not all that different from my normal diet, minus fresh fruit and veggies). 

On the gear front, I’ve tested my pack. Everything fits, and it weighs in around 22 pounds. I spent my recovery day walking around my house with it on, and it didn’t feel impossible (I had visions of being like Cheryl Strayed in Wild), but I know it’ll feel much heavier on the trail. Plus I’m sure there will be last-minute additions to the pack that will make it even heavier. Getting it all laid out and in the pack was a huge relief.

Training-wise, I’m about to embark on my hardest training week of the season so far, and I can’t wait. Doubles are on the docket, which means I get to run not once but twice every day. This is life, y’all. And it is good.

Ultrarunner, adventurer, academic, and feminist. Running Across the USA in 2021. I write about ultrarunning, adventuring, and the intersection of endurance athletics and life.

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