Rerun! Ginger’s Response to Salty’s Defense of the 6 Hour Marathoner

In the last installment of this great debate, Ginger clarified and defended her position. When it was all boiled down we really didn’t disagree all that much, but Ginger and I and all the Salties really enjoyed this thought provoking conversation as we hope you did today! Don’t forget to weigh in with your take! This post was originally published on April 18, 2012.

– Salty


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I probably shouldn’t be arguing with a lawyer! In fact, I’m not going to, for multiple reasons. However, I would like to respond to the recent buzz that was generated here at Salty Running. I knew my post would create such buzz, as I presented a pretty popular debate. However, I didn’t think it would be in such a way that made me out to be a bad guy. I’ve never been the bad guy so this is all new territory!

In my original post, I thought that I was stating that I did not think I ran a marathon back in 2004 but that I would not discount anyone else’s opinion of what it means to run a marathon. Granted, our lead-ins and Salty’s defense were written in a way to create controversy, something the press loves to do! But do you ever click on the title of a news article to find that when you read the whole thing, it’s not what the title suggested? Well, I certainly do not think my post was saying that I think anyone who walks in a marathon isn’t qualified to say they ran one. And I also thought that I clearly stated that I support anyone who is out there chasing a dream. And I ended it saying I would congratulate anyone (congrats Tim!) who attempted and completed a marathon, no matter what the time. When I revealed my real thoughts in my darkest moments, I thought I was being honest with you all about my thoughts in that exact moment, but sadly, my poor writing made it sound condescending.

But I can be condescending! I’m sure you can be too. So when I talk about living in a both/and world, what I mean is that it is ok to feel two or more ways. To anyone I offended, I am sorry but should I be? Should I become the Salty bad guy? I told Salty that I felt I was now made out to be the judgemental elitist of Salty Running…and I’m not even fast enough to be an elitist! I do love Letsrun so maybe this is the perfect role for me.

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What do you all think? Was my writing just that bad that my point wasn’t made clear enough? Or was this just a case of media misconstruing to generate buzz? Or did I just come out of the bitch closet? Or, well, could it be all of the above if we’re thinking in both/and terms?

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