Ready for the #ExtraSalt Challenge?

Editor’s note: Instead of our usual Roundtable, we’re kicking off our #ExtraSalt challenge! 

If we want to train and race our best, we all know that we need to invest some of our training time into #ExtraSalt, that non-running stuff we need to do to recover and stay healthy. But knowing this is not enough; we’re not always great about doing any of it. Together, we’re going to change that! It’s time to commit to adding the #ExtraSalt!

Each week we’ll be bringing you an #ExtraSalt Challenge and checking in with you to see how you’re doing on Twitter and Instagram. This first week we challenge you to set your #ExtraSalt goal!

I personally understand how hard it can be to add the #ExtraSalt in to my training time. It was not until my past training cycle, the one before Indianapolis, that I began to notice a pay-off  for my time spent doing non-running things. Previously I had been convinced that I had super special extraordinary recovery powers.


  1. I’m not very smart.
  2. Sadly, I’m mortal.
  3. But I’m capable of learning from my mistakes.

Since learning my lesson, I have sought out and invested in many forms of recovery tools and therapy, which we here at Salty Running have coined #ExtraSalt.

What the heck is #ExtraSalt you ask? It’s very simple.

  • The things that we all know we should be doing to a certain extent.
  • The things that help to make us stronger and in turn faster.
  • The things that are the first to fall off the wagon when we get too busy with work and life.
  • The things that we often neglect when things are feeling good, and by the time we start to feel them it can be too late.

Here’s my #ExtraSalt goal:

Daily: Stretching, foam rolling and roll recovery scattered throughout the day – usually while wearing at least one form of compression garment
Weekly: Manual physical therapy, dry needling, infra-red sauna
2-3x per week: Pool running, strength training, Normatec boots
Twice per month: Massage

What #ExtraSalt do you need to be better about?

What’s your #ExtraSalt goal?

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I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience while sipping on wine & coffee in Northern Virginia. Together with my husband and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gracie we battle to keep the Tupperware cupboard organized for more than two days at time. I recently ran my first marathon (2:51) and am excited for what is to come. I like to ramble about running post injury, finding a work-life balance and running quickly.

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  1. My goal (currently training for delivering a baby…so a bit different than if I were in actual training) is to make time to stretch daily which I used to be so good about with running, but even not running…and having an expanding body right now..the TLC would really help me feel better! My 2-3x week goal is going to be pelvic tilts and kegels (TMI…deal with it?) as both of those would help with the Pelvic pain I have been having.

  2. I’m trying really hard to stretch and use my foam roller if not daily, then most days. And also trying to do my PT strengthening exercises 2x/week.

  3. I’m terrible lately about doing any of it. I like to stretch before bed and if I do it semi-regularly it helps keep me feeling good. It helps me identify areas that need a little lacrosse ball or foam roller action. I hate doing core to my core. I wish I liked it, but lately I just … can’t. Occasionally I’ll plank or do a little pilates, but not with any kind of consistency. But after 3 giant babies and the decimated abs to prove it, I really really would be wise to get consistent again.

  4. My goal, as always, is finally committing to regular core work. I KNOW I need it and I KNOW it will pay off in many ways, but for whatever reason I never follow through. I set a timer and did 10 min of core after my run on Saturday, which isn’t a ton, but it’s 10 minutes more than I have been doing. I am going to try and do at least a little core each day!

  5. With a small baby at home, even running is getting the shaft quite frequently. I really need to do more post-baby bodywork, though. My goal- 3 min per day of core, 3 min per day pelvic floor. Yup. 6 min. Let’s see if I can make it.

  6. The one thing I do every single day is the Myrtle routine for my hips. I definitely need to be more consistent about strengthening, but I squeeze some weights in a couple of times a week.