Readers Roundtable: How Do You Fit It All In?

So much to do, and only so many hours in the day! I had forgotten exactly how time consuming marathon training can be. I’m not alone, certainly.

Isn’t that true of training for any goal race? And really, just being an adult?

clocksWhether we have multiple jobs (or just one really demanding one), kids, pets, parents who need our help, committees, boards, other hobbies, are single or partnered… fitting it all in can be a lot.

Heck, I’m even multitasking as I write this. I’m drafting this post, listening to the new episode of Next Question with Katie Couric (love her!), and I have a load of towels in the washer.

Add marathon training to the mix, and suddenly schedules can become a little bit like Jenga.

We have talked here before about life hacks for making more time to run and fitting running into our schedules…. even advice on run commuting. But sometimes the hive mind is the best source for tried and true time management tips.

We want to know your tips, tricks, hacks and lessons – how do you fit it all in?

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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  1. My family has generally made my training a priority and I donโ€™t have pets or kids and the parents are in another state…but still lots going on! On particularly complex weeks I put my workouts on my calendar as a meeting. This includes my work calendar. Making sure that I am blocking out the time I need and communicating it to the people affected by my schedule helps a lot. Of course this is based on a supportive work place too.

  2. 5 a.m. runs mostly, and doubles on my lunch break when possible. If I have something “extra” (strength training, yoga, etc.) I do it immediately after a run or it’s unlikely to happen. I also put it all in my planner, along with everything else I have scheduled for the week at work and in family life. Things like meal prep, laying out clothes on the weekend, and prioritizing errands also help a lot – as does a super supportive husband.

  3. If I knew I’d be running more! My problem is that when I have time to run, I don’t have energy; when I have energy, other things are a priority, such as: two small children, a rush to get us all out of the house in the morning, full-time work with lots of client billable hours… I end up doing a lot of 11pm treadmill runs and two-mile errand runs.