Raspberry’s Training Log – 7.3.16

Skyline Park, Napa, CA

I’m excited to be posting my first Salty Running training log! I’m currently training for my first 50 miler, the Dick Collins Firetrails 50, and I’m following Krissy Moehl’s Running Your First Ultra training plan. I’ve been working on my base for the past couple of months, and I had a moment of panic last week when I realized I was coming upon week 10 of the plan with only 16 to go. While my workouts have been good, and I have all the elements of a substantial training program (hills, speed, core, back-to-back long runs), I’m severely lacking the mileage for an ultra. It’s time to ramp it up, and I’m starting to feel nervous…

Monday – 1 hour core class at the gym.

Tuesday – Plan called for 5 miles at a steady pace, but I co-lead my running group’s track workouts, and I found myself doing some speed work. I tried to keep from pushing too hard, so I pulled up the rear. 4.7 miles total.

Wednesday – Reverse ladder on hills: 10, 8, 6, 3, 2, 1 minute intervals with half time recovery in between. I found a local fire road to simulate my race terrain and felt like it was a decent workout, but it’s hard for me to gauge intensity on a hill workout. I feel like hills are always hard no matter what pace I’m running, and I’m not sure how to use different gears. Definitely something to work on. Followed by 20-minute at home core routine. 8.6 miles total.

Thursday – Active recovery day. Took my bike out for an hour. I managed to fall while *holding* my bike walking down my front steps. My cleats slipped on the concrete and I went down as if I’d slipped on a banana peel. A couple welts and minor scrapes could have been much worse! Followed by brief runner’s yoga, home core routine, and some indoor rock climbing.

Friday – One of my summer vacation goals is to explore more of the Bay Area. I bought the book Trail Runners Guide: San Francisco Bay Area, and I’ve been checking off featured runs. Today was my 4th field trip, this time to the backside of Mt. Tam along Blithedale Ridge. The suggested route was only around 5 miles, but it contained a little of everything: Redwood canopied single-track, expansive ridgeline views of the bay, twisty fireroads, hills and flats. With a few add-ons, 6 miles total.

Looking down into Marin County from Blithedale Ridge.

Saturday – First of back-to-back long runs, today went surprisingly well as I was feeling a little tired from Thursday’s ride and Friday’s elevation. Ran an easy long distance pace with a couple buddies, and we chatted the miles away. Couldn’t help but soak in summer’s finest weather: overcast with a breeze and not muggy at all. Followed by 30 minutes of runner’s yoga. 14 miles total.

Sunday – Church of the long run on my favorite trails. 12 miles total.

Total Mileage: 45.5 Elevation: 4,272 ft

A teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves trail running, backpacking and cycling. Having grown up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I secretly aspire to run Western States 100 someday. Realizing it might not be as crazy as it sounds (maybe it is), I am currently training for my next ultra.

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