Raspberry’s Training Log – 2.12.17

Splashing along No Hands Bridge along the Western States Trail.

This was a great week! I managed to hit every workout on my training plan, and I feel much better than the exhaustion I felt last week. On Saturday I attended a Western States training run along the last 20 miles of the course. The race director offers a couple training camps throughout the spring so racers (and wannabes like me) can experience the course with support. Because of the unusually wet winter we’ve been having, the run involved a lot of stream crossings, deep steps into mud and a spill on a slippery rock – very different than the dry conditions expected in June.

I also re-integrated foam rolling into my routine this week as I began to feel strains in my knee, hip and IT band. Just a little bit seems to help, as my recovery run and bike ride on Sunday loosened me right up, and I feel ready for the next hard week.

Monday – 1 hour Power Sculpt

Tuesday – Track workout: 15 minute warm-up, 6 x 5 minute repeats at 10k/half pace with 1 minute recovery, 20 minute cool-down. 9 miles total.

Wednesday – 6 miles steady on the treadmill and 1 hour Power Sculpt class

Thursday – 8 miles easy

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 21 miles long run along Western States trail.

Sunday – 5 mile easy recovery run and a 2.5 hour easy bike ride to Yountville for ice cream in the sunshine! First sunny weekend in months.

Total: 49 miles, 3,478 ft, 2 core workouts.

A teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves trail running, backpacking and cycling. Having grown up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I secretly aspire to run Western States 100 someday. Realizing it might not be as crazy as it sounds (maybe it is), I am currently training for my next ultra.

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  1. Glad to hear you were feeling more energy this week and love when you can nail a training week after that! Solid week of workouts! Sounds like the course preview was an adventure for sure…over the river and through the woods to western states you go ๐Ÿ˜‰