Raspberry’s Training – Log 10.2.16

Rain grinning.

We had our first rain this weekend! I know East Coasters are probably over the rain already, but it’s a rare treatย here in California, so I’m always thrilled to see it arrive. Also, it means the trails will be softer and less dusty for my race next weekend! (It also meant I made my first pie of the season, and tonight I’m making my first soup.)

Taper tantrums like whoa this week. Phantom pains or not, I’ve never felt them this acutely before. After too many push-ups followed by a weird night’s sleep, I have had a knot in my shoulderย for a few days. Then, out of nowhere, on my Sunday recovery run, my hip/IT band has decided it has had enough and is flaring up. Nothing like feeling like a broken old lady 6 days before your first 50-mile race. I’ve decided I’m done running, foam rolling like crazy, and have a last minute massage scheduled for Wednesday. Even if I’m covered in Salonpas patches, I’m running this thing. 5 days and counting!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles easy

Wednesday – 15 minute warm-up, 4 x 5 min repeats with 1 min recovery, 15 minute cool-down. Not as easy a run as it should have been, but it’s done. 6 miles total.

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 10 miles trails, steady easy pace. My legs are no longer feeling leaden and trail fatigue is mostly gone. I think I can do this!

Sunday – 5 miles easy, on the road, IT band flare-up! In hindsight I know what I did wrong (strength training went by the wayside), so I’m just hoping I can heal and hold up enough to get through the race.

Total: 30 miles.

A teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area who loves trail running, backpacking and cycling. Having grown up in the Sierra Nevada foothills, I secretly aspire to run Western States 100 someday. Realizing it might not be as crazy as it sounds (maybe it is), I am currently training for my next ultra.

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  1. You’re so close! Hang in there. It’s amazing how bad you can feel during taper and then run an amazing race.