Pumpkin’s Twin Cities Marathon Training Log: 7.3-7.16.17

Whoooops! Somehow last week got away from me and by the time I had time to write a training log, it made more sense just to do a double log this week!

So weeks 3 and 4 of training were full of ups and downs. Actually, very few ups and a lot of downs. My goal for this past week was to make it into the mid 30’s for mileage, but some aches and pains earlier in the week forced me to cut down mileage and do some cross-training. I visited my chiropractor last week after I had to stop a run due to pain, because I was CONVINCED I was on the verge of a major injury (several past bouts of tendinitis have been so traumatic that the moment I feel any type of twinge in my calf, I freak). Beyond my calf pains, I was having some foot pain, some ITB pain, as well as lower back pain. I felt like my body was falling to pieces and was starting to have some serious doubts about my body’s ability to keeps its shit together for 11 more weeks of training. My chiropractor told me I was perhaps being TOO focused on the little pains and to try and zoom out a bit and look at my weeks as a whole. Basically I just need to calm the hell down and just keep putting in the work. I was told that a lot of the weaknesses I’ve had in the past seem to be much stronger and he could tell that I’ve been doing more strength and core work. This made me feel great- it’s always good to hear that the little things are paying off.

I also had some runs that were just really mentally tough. I have written in past logs about my thyroid problems and I still think I’m struggling with it. As I look back on my run stats for the past 6 months, my paces have steadily declined and it’s pretty rare I can get through a run without a significant amount of walking. I just can’t seem to get my breathing and my body to match up, and on days my body feels strong, it wants to run faster than my lungs will allow, resulting in a lot of short walk breaks. And I’ve tried just slowing my run way down, and still I get gassed and need walk breaks.

The frustration came to a head a few days ago when I could barely survive a 3 mile run. I was at the point where I just wanted to quit marathon training and take up a hobby that makes me feel less awful about myself. I’m stubborn though, and am not ready to give up yet. The next day I switched things up and did a trail run at a park near my house and felt so much better about it all. Funny what some time with nature and a change of terrain will do for a person. I tried pool running for the first time over the weekend and though it’s pretty boring, it was a good workout and something I am going to try to do once a week in place of a short run. I think for right now I’m not going to rush my mileage. I’ve been holding steady in the mid 20’s, which isn’t where I thought I’d be, but I’m definitely doing a good amount of biking and other crosstraining on top of those miles. I really need to focus on staying uninjured and keeping variety in my plan. Health wise, I do feel that something is still amiss because even with the heat, my paces should not be this impacted (and I have done a few cool morning runs with little difference). It’s all kind of a moving target and I’ll just keep showing up and doing what I can do. Hopefully everything balances itself out soon.


Monday 7.3: 4 miles (treadmill) 10:24 pace. Jasyoga 5 min calf reset, Strength and core 40 minutes

Tuesday 7.4: I decided at the very last minute to sign up for a 4th of July 10k in town. I knew I wasn’t in race shape, but it was more for the accountability to getting my run done early. The forecast was for lots of heat and humidity, so if I didn’t get that run in as early as possible, it was going to be awful. The race was small, but fun. It was HOT. 6.2 miles, 11:03 pace. Jasyoga 5 minute hamstring reset and 5 minute foot reset

Wednesday 7.5: Husband was out of town, so I ended up on the treadmill and it did NOT go well. I started off in my Hokas and my right foot hurt. I switched shoes and it wasn’t much better. I decided to end my run early. 2.2 miles, 11:02 pace.

Thursday 7.6: My first day back at work after having my regular month of June off. My running schedule is going to be much tighter from here on out. I ran after work this day and it was hot and windy. And my foot still hurt, along with other body parts. Another short run. 2.5 miles, 11:43 pace

Friday 7.7: Total rest day because my body obviously needed it.

Saturday 7.8: My favorite biking event today: the Midsummer Bike Tour in Detroit Lakes. DL is about an hour from where I live and this tour is 44 miles through lakes country. Lots of gorgeous scenery and lots of rolling hills. A large group of us rode together and out to eat afterwards. The weather was absolutely perfect and my body felt great! 44.2 miles, 16.7 mph avg, 153 avg HR

Sunday 7.9: Was dreading this run as the previous week’s 11 mile went horribly. This one was also horrible, but this time the weather got more of the blame. It was possibly the most swampy run I’ve ever done- at least for that many miles. 12 miles, 11:39 pace, 158 avg HR. Lots of walking. Took an ice bath for the very first time and it felt great!

Totals for the week:

Running- 26.9 miles

Biking 44.2 miles

Strength and core- 45 min

Jasyoga- 15 min



Monday 7.10: My body was hurting after the previous day’s long run. Skipped running and went to the gym to lift a little instead. 30 min strength and core.

Tuesday 7.11: Was going to join my running group for some early morning ramp running, but as is typical lately, my body was really sore when I first got up in the morning. I tried a warm up and had to stop after a half mile. This was the day I decided I needed to check in with my chiropractor to see if I was on the verge of injury. Went to the gym in the evening and did a variety of things. I did some rowing, strength, core, and ran stairs outside. 55 minutes at the gym.

Wednesday 7.12: An unremarkable 5 mile run after work in the rain. 11:28 pace.

Thursday 7.13: This run just felt like total crap, and ended with me contemplating why I even do this. 3 miles, 11:34 pace.

Friday 7.14: I got off work early this day and though I was going to take a rest day, the weather was actually pretty nice and I decided to go run the trails near my house. I felt pretty good, physically and mentally after this run. 5 miles, 11:44 pace.

Saturday 7.15: Initially I had put 8 miles on the schedule for this day, but given my beat up body and spirit, I just knew it wouldn’t be a great idea to push this one. I decided this would be the day I’d force myself to try pool running, since I figured the lap pool would be quiet on a Summer Saturday afternoon. (it was. I was the only person there). It was incredibly clumsy and boring, but my body didn’t feel like it was going to break and I was able to get my HR up. I did 30 minutes of pool running and 10 minutes with a kick board. Did a quick 20 minute upper body strength session and core work.

Sunday 7.16: With good reason I was really dreading this long run. 13 miles seemed impossible after the past two weeks of rotten running. It was sunny and 63 with little wind at the start of my run, and 77 and sun at the end. Relatively speaking, even though it was still a really difficult run, it was somewhat less so than the previous week. My body felt strong- no nagging pains anywhere, which was GREAT. I had been rolling and icing the crap out of my body all week, so I was glad that paid off. Endurance wise, I still had a hard time, so it was still a lot of run/walk/run/walk the whole way. The goal was 13 miles, but I sort of winged my route and realized I’d be at 12 miles when I got back to my house. I was too hot and sweaty to care about getting that 13th mile, so I called it at 12. Ice bath afterwards and then the whole afternoon outside at the pool with my kids. As I type this on Sunday night, I am sunburned and probably still dehydrated after a hot run and an afternoon in the sun! ย Anyway, 12 miles, 11:24 pace.



Running- 25.4 miles

Strength, core, etc- 1 hour, 45 min.

Pool running/ kickboard- 40 minutes

Lots of undocumented foam rolling and stretching.

So hot. So humid.

I'm a college mental health counselor, runner, cyclist, wife, and mom to two strong-willed children. I started running in 2011 after the birth of my last child after years of love-hate relationships with fitness. My favorite distance is the half marathon, but I love the challenge of tackling the marathon. My biggest challenge is the mental aspect of racing, but my greatest strength is I'm stubborn and never give up! I'm a free spirit, an open book, and try to be authentic both in real life as well as in my internet life. Running has given me a place to face my fears, chase goals, and stay humble. Side note: I love cats and coffee and tacos.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling with getting body to match up with everything else- that is always so frustrating. Hormonal imbalances like thyroid are such a pain in the ass because even with meds it can just take time to sort out and the body to stop being a jerk. I’m struggling with different hormones right now, but the same issues. Some days I feel like it’s finally settling and other days I feel like I’m back where I started. FU Hormones.