Pumpkin’s Twin Cities Marathon Training Log 6.26.17

It’s officially official: I pulled the trigger and registered for Twin Cities Marathon! Surprisingly I survived week one of training without getting injured. I’m hoping this is the year I break the curse of Twin Cities Marathon training injury. Because of my irrational fear of injury, I am letting that fear keep me motivated to stay on top of strength and core work and listening to what my body needs. I am doing the unconventional this training cycle and am creating my training plan as I go. I will use past plans to guide my approach, but will largely plot my own journey as I go. I’m doing this because I tend to get TOO attached to following training plans and have been known to do a run even if my body isn’t up for it, just because my plan says I have to. I used Hanson’s Marathon Method for my last marathon, and while I really liked the singularity of focus and I felt good running 6 days a week, I don’t think I’m feeling up for that type of training this time around. Since it’s Summer, I love going for long rides on my road bike, and I want to be able to use cycling for cross training. Hanson’s did not have strength training built into the plan, and I often felt like I didn’t have time to add that on while running heavy Hanson’s mileage. My plan for this training cycle is all about balance.

How did week one go? GREAT! If I can manage to sustain this for the next 14 weeks, I think I’ll be in good shape for TCM on October 1.

Week of 6.19-6.25

Monday 6.19: 2 miles at 10:34 pace, 30 minutes of upper and lower body strength training, plus core.

Tuesday 6.20: 3 mile warm up before running ramps, 11:06 pace, 2.6 miles of running up and down ramps and stairs. 20 minutes of core work.

Wednesday 6.21: Fellow Saltine, Ginger was in town for a visit! Took her along on my group run with my running group for a bright and early sunrise run. 4 miles, 10:53 pace.

Thursday 6.22: Day off from running. Did my Thursday night group ride on a super windy night. It was a challenging 30 miles! 15.1 mph avg, 139 avg HR.

Friday 6.23: Somehow this run went really well. My pace does not reflect a few stops to adjust my laces on my new shoes (I’m trying Hoka Clifton 3 for the first time), but overall today was faster than I have been. 5 miles, 10:26 pace. Went to the gym after my run and did 30 minutes of lifting and core.

Saturday 6.24: I had planned to run this day, but it was cold and windy and drizzling for pretty much the whole day. Took this as a complete rest day.

Sunday 6.25: This run didn’t feel great. I think I’m still adjusting to running in Hokas and felt some soreness in my left lower leg, the site of past tendinitis problems. I let that get in my head and most of the run I worried about that becoming an injury. Lots of rolling and stretching and icing when I got home. 5 miles, 10:57 pace.

Total miles:

Running: 21.6

Cycling: 30

Strength/core: 3 sessions, 1 hr 20 min total.

My running group before a tough ramp workout!
One of the rare moments when I’m matchy matchy while I run

I'm a college mental health counselor, runner, cyclist, wife, and mom to two strong-willed children. I started running in 2011 after the birth of my last child after years of love-hate relationships with fitness. My favorite distance is the half marathon, but I love the challenge of tackling the marathon. My biggest challenge is the mental aspect of racing, but my greatest strength is I'm stubborn and never give up! I'm a free spirit, an open book, and try to be authentic both in real life as well as in my internet life. Running has given me a place to face my fears, chase goals, and stay humble. Side note: I love cats and coffee and tacos.

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  1. I like the idea of cycling more and running less, especially if you’re injury-prone! I also think consistency is important, and something is always better than nothing …and if it’s between taking an off day because you don’t want to run or cycling because that sounds like more fun, well, get on the damn bike (Bertha? Does Bertha bike?). Excited to see how the season progresses!

    The Clifton only has a 5mm heel-toe drop, so if your other shoes were higher, ease into them so you don’t overwork your achilles/calf/assorted other bits. I found I needed heel lifts to wear lower-drop shoes. But just wearing them for shorter runs to start might help!

  2. I’m excited for marathon training for you! I cycled/spun a lot for some of my past marathons and I think it really helped. It kept my aerobic base strong while allowing me to run a bit less mileage than I would have had to otherwise.