Pumpkin’s Fargo Marathon Training Log: Week 15


It’s Sunday night and I’m recovering from a weekend of running and massive Spring cleaning. I survived peak week, but just barely as a cold creeped in and kicked my butt. I managed to hold off illness this entire training cycle, but it finally got the best of me. Lucky that it was this week and not race week, right? Sleep was disrupted and my endurance was all over the place. I also learned the valuable lesson that taking a decongestant before a long run is an absolutely terrible idea. This week’s runs didn’t really go smoothly, but I got my miles in and did my best. Ready for a little decrease in mileage now!

Monday 4.25: 7 miles, easy pace. A cool, windy, drizzly evening, but felt pretty good!

Tuesday 4.26: The sickness showed up. Decided to trade my rest day and take it today.

Wednesday 4.27: Supposed to be 3 x 2 miles, but only managed 2 x 2. Decided to save myself for the next day’s tempo run. 7 miles total, with the plan to make up the other 2 miles later in the week.

Thursday 4.28: 12 miles total, 10 at Tempo pace. Felt okay, but had to stop after every mile or two to cough and get oxygen back into my body. Ugh this cold.

Friday 4.29: 6 miles easy pace. Had to run this right after going out for dinner with coworkers. Fish tacos are not a great pre-run meal.

Running long is almost always better with a friend!

Saturday 4.30: 8 miles easy pace. A good run. Nice weather.

Sunday 5.1: 16 miles. My final LONG run of training and it went… poorly. I learned a valuable lesson about trying new medication before an important run. I rarely am sick and I rarely need to take cold medicine, but I decided to take a decongestant before heading out to run, and it did some terrible things to my body! The weather was cool, but I was sweating buckets. As in, a disgusting amount. By mile 6 I had a pounding headache, and my heart rate was through the roof for most of the run. My heart rate was where it normally is during a tempo run, but my pace was on the slower end of my long run pace. The whole run felt hard. This may have been one of the worst runs I’ve had this training cycle. Not an ideal way to finish out my peak week of training, but I’m trying to shake off the bad run and remember that my other 16 milers went very well.

Total miles: 56 (a mileage PR!)

Total miles for April: 211.8 (!!!!!)

I'm a college mental health counselor, runner, cyclist, wife, and mom to two strong-willed children. I started running in 2011 after the birth of my last child after years of love-hate relationships with fitness. My favorite distance is the half marathon, but I love the challenge of tackling the marathon. My biggest challenge is the mental aspect of racing, but my greatest strength is I'm stubborn and never give up! I'm a free spirit, an open book, and try to be authentic both in real life as well as in my internet life. Running has given me a place to face my fears, chase goals, and stay humble. Side note: I love cats and coffee and tacos.

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