Pumpkin’s Fargo Marathon Training Log: Week 14

Just a quick post for today! This past week was absolutely average. I got in all of my runs and all of my miles. None of my runs this week were particularly horrible or particularly excellent. It was… fine!ย  Oh, but in exciting news- I did top the 500 mile mark this week. Last year I only reached 552 for the entire year, so this is pretty great! As exhausting as this training cycle has been, I have to say I think I’m starting to enjoy being a higher mileage runner!

Monday 4.18: 5 miles, recovery pace

Tuesday 4.19: 2 x 3 miles, 1 mile recovery. 9 miles total. Did this run on the treadmill and it felt like it took foreverrrrrrrrrrr. Happily, this was my only treadmill run for the week.

Wednesday 4.20: Rest!

Thursday 4.21: It was windy as F this day. Was supposed to do 9 miles at tempo pace today, but decided to flip flop my days and do Friday’s easy run this day and do my tempo the following day when the wind wasn’t supposed to be so intense. Did 6 miles, though I later discovered I only needed 5. I guess I’m an overachiever? Also, this was supposed to be easy pace and probably because I was feeling impatient, I ran this one slightly faster than easy.

Friday 4.22: Okay, this run was sort of awful. 11 miles total, 9 at tempo pace. It was 63 degrees and bright sunshine when I did this run and I went into the run way under-fueled and not hydrated at all. The first few miles I went out a little fast, and I definitely paid for it the last few miles. After I hit my halfway turnaround, I had to stop 2 more times to drink out of a bathroom faucet. I didn’t bring water, and had only planned on one water stop at the halfway point. By the last couple of miles I felt like I was running in quicksand. I need to really focus on hydration now that the weather is warmer!

Saturday 4.23: 8 miles, easy pace. This run felt like a struggle, likely because of the quick turnaround from last night’s tempo, as I did this run right away in the morning. I was incredibly thirsty and felt sloggy. Still probably under-hydrated from yesterday.

Sunday 4.24: 10.5 mile long run. This run went much better than the past couple of runs. The wind was 24 mph, but luckily it was generally a cross-wind. My heart rate was great and I held a pretty consistent pace. I rocked the ol’ fuel belt today because I knew my route wouldn’t take me near many water opportunities. It was a slightly humid morning, so I was glad to have a little extra water with me.


Total miles: 49.5

My first really sweaty run of the year!
My first really sweaty run of the year!

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