Pregnant Lady in Karhus Does Track Workout

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I'm wear-testing fancy Finnish running shoes called Karhu. Isn't the Karhu bear logo rad?

Last week I took the Karhu Flows to the track to see if they felt as fast on the spongy oval as they did on the treadmill. Granted, fast for me is relative right now, but I’m still capable of doing a little speedwork. On tap this week was 400’s!

In preparation for my track workout I thought it would be fun to watch a Karhu form video on arm swing. I’ve told you about my wonky arms before. I figured the track would be a good place to work on my form. Here’s the video:


It’s a bit obvious, I suppose. I was hoping they’d address my exaggerated arm swing in their demonstration of common mistakes, but they didn’t. I did notice the ladies arms did swing in front of her body a little bit so this made me feel a little bit better about my natural arm swing.

Nevertheless when it came time to do each interval I thought to try moving my arms quicker rather than lengthening my stride and I must say between the arms and the shoes I felt pretty good! For the first 5 or so 400’s, each felt easier and smoother than the one before it. Then all of a sudden they became more difficult and uncontrollably slower even after extending my rest so I bagged it at 9 instead of the 12 that everyone else did. That had nothing to do with the shoes or the arms and everything to do with being pregnant. Even so, I averaged about 92-93 for my 400’s. Not bad!

It was snowing like the dickens (when did I start saying “like the dickens?”), and it fogged up my camera so my photos are sparse. Here’s one of the shoes on the track pre-workout. I still think they look SWEET!

The orange socks really bring out the best in the Karhu Flows!

Here I am cooling down, enjoying the giant snow flakes and the dollar store hat that makes me look bald.

Note the bumpage. I have many many many weeks to go in the pregnancy. I'm screwed.

My daughter also thinks the purple is perfection and wants to wear them every chance she gets!

We're still working on her arm swing.

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