Poppy’s training log – 8.21.16

This was one of my highest mileage weeks in a while and I felt pretty good.  I got in two longer workouts, one with tempo intervals and the other was 8 miles of uptempo running within my Sunday long run.  The highlight of the week was having a birthday party for my daughter on Saturday (her birthday is the 23rd). We got to see a lot of family, including one of my brothers who hung out for most of the weekend and my kids had a blast with everyone.  The kids also really enjoyed watching all the track events at the Olympics this week and got a kick out of seeing how excited mommy and daddy got when witnessing all the medals the Americans won.  They especially enjoyed the steeple races.  What kid wouldn’t?  It combines the two funnest activities for kids – running and jumping.

Monday: 6 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double.  4 miles in the afternoon w/ C in the single – we ran to the library to drop off and pick up some books for him.

*Got an adjustment from the chiro today b/c during my LR yesterday I felt a rib pop out of place (back side, by right shoulder blade).  It was pretty uncomfortable yesterday afternoon and this morning, but better once I got some work done on it.

Tuesday: 7 miles solo in the a.m, w/ 8×20 sec strides.  5 miles solo in the afternoon.

Wednesday: 4 miles solo in the a.m. w/ 6×20 sec strides. 8 miles solo in the afternoon.

Thursday: 15 miles w/ workout.  Plan was 5 x 2.4k starting at 6:00-6:05, rest 90 sec, which didn’t have to be a running recovery, just whatever I needed to cool down and be ready for the next. I ended up running for the entire recovery – jogging reverse for 45 seconds, then turning around and running into the next interval.  Did not sleep well last night. For whatever reason, I felt really wired and felt like chest was restricted so couldn’t fully relax. Fell asleep some time after 12:30am, so got less than 5 hours of sleep. Thankfully, I didn’t feel too tired once I got going on my warm-up (had some iced coffee before and that helped quite a bit).   Temps were relatively cool, but it was decently humid. The most I noticed it was on the recovery jogs. I felt pretty good for the most part. Legs definitely felt good, but breathing felt kind of restricted. Not sure if that’s residual from last night or the moisture in the air or a combo of both. Anyway, that was slightly annoying, but manageable.  Weather not super duper fantastic, but also not that bad. 67 degrees and DP 67 to start, 70 degrees and DP 70 to finish. Super sweaty by the end.

Up 32:06 (w/ 4x100m strides), down 27:34
8:57 [6:00/2:57] (87r)
8:55 [5:58/2:57] (86r)
8:53 [5:57/2:56] (87r)
8:51 [5:56/2:55] (81r)
8:46 [5:53/2:53]

Friday: 6 miles in the morning w/ the whole family (hubs pushed the double).  4 miles solo in the afternoon.

With the birthday gal.
Emmy loooooves dogs, so I made her a dog cake for her birthday party.

Saturday: 12 miles in the morning, 10 of which were w/ Kalyn Fischer.  Emmy’s birthday party after!

Sunday: 17 miles w/ workout.  Plan was a roughly 2hr run w/ a stretch of uptempo done as 4 miles at steady state (aiming for ~6:30 pace), followed by an easy half mile to full mile, followed by 4 miles of 1:00 on/2:00 off.   76/DP72 to start, 74/DP74 to finish, BUT it started pouring hard during the second half of the run and that felt ahhhhh-mazing. The humidity prior to the rain showers never felt too bad thankfully, but getting poured on certainly was welcome. The only downside to how hard it was raining was that it quickly changed the footing of the trail. It got pretty soft and mushy and there were puddles everywhere, so it felt like I was slowing down despite the same effort. Still felt like I got in a solid stretch of on/offs despite the slower footing.  Felt pretty good throughout. Breathing still seems like it’s a bit restricted and I’m starting to wonder if it’s from last week’s rib issue not being 100%. I’m still feeling some muscle spasms in that general area (rhomboids and intercostals), so perhaps that’s toying w/ my breathing some.  Easy 40:08, 4mi SS in 25:29 (6:22avg) via 6:26, 6:21, 6:23, 6:16 (3:11/3:05), easy half in 3:51, 4mi of 1:00on/2:00off in 25:58 (6:30avg) (*the last on was longer b/c I wanted to just finish if off to the mile mark, so that was 1:58), easy 28:14 home. Didn’t get exact splits for each mile w/in the second 4 miles, but was right around 6:30 for each of them.



88 miles for the week

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