Poppy’s training log – 8.14.16

A very sweaty week of running.  The dew point on almost every run was above 70 and most days were higher than 75.  In my opinion, once the dew point goes above 70, it becomes the Ewwww Point.  Anyway, the hot and humid weather called for some alternative plans to workouts in order to minimize the potential of cooking myself.  Thankfully, I handled the weather and the training pretty well.  I’m now a fan of ice cubes in the sports bra on hot and muggy days.   Game changer.

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So much sweat this week!

Monday: 6 miles in the morning with the kids in the double, 4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 7 miles in the morning w/ the whole family.  Hubs pushed the double most of the way, but I pushed Emmy in it for the last 2 miles home while Conrad ran w/ the hubs.  4 miles solo in afternoon.

Wednesday: 13 miles w/ workout.  Plan was up to 4 sets of 4×400 at 82.5 (getting an A for the workout if I could keep them all between 82.00 and 82.99). Recovery jogs were at least 2:00 between sets (could be longer to get full recovery/cool off) and 60 seconds within sets. Had the option to shorten the rests within sets down to 40 seconds.

I did not get an A for this workout because I was only in range for 8 out of the 16. For almost all of the intervals, I’d be on pace through 200 and even through 300 (was checking 100 splits to make sure I was staying within goal range), but then I guess my last 100 would be faster than intended. I yelled out quite a few “damn it”s whenever I’d come through the 400 too fast. My very first interval was much too fast. I didn’t think I was as warmed up as I was so I ended up running a little harder than I needed to. Came through the 200 in 39. Oops. After that, I settled in better.

For my recovery jogs, I’d run reverse for 30 seconds and then turn and start into the next interval. I’d end up with ~50 seconds for most of these rest jogs. For the in between sets I’d take a really easy 400 and then jog around a little more to hit 3:00 b/c that felt like a good amount of recovery. I took a little longer on the rest between sets 3 and 4 so that I could dunk my head in the sink in the restrooms to cool off a bit. Was starting to feel the cumulative effect of the weather (75 degrees w/ DP 72 to start, 77 degrees w/ DP 75 to finish). Felt mildly nauseous at times from the weather, but it wasn’t too bad and was glad I was doing short intervals in the conditions.

Up 33:12 (w/ 6×100 strides), down 27:29
80.72 (48r)
81.74 (48r)
81.76 (50r)
82.xx *split button was stuck and finally got it to stop at 83.00 after I was past the line
82.23 (49r)
81.67 (50r)
81.41 (50r)
82.24 (50r)
81.82 (48r)
82.03 (46r)
82.06 (49r)
81.34 (48r)
81.65 (47r)

Thursday:  6 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double.  4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Friday: single 6, the first 4 were w/ the hubs and a Bucknell alum friend, Jim Mack.  8×20 sec strides near the end.

Saturday:  13 miles w/ workout.  Plan was a 90 min run w/ a 3.5 mini progression on the rail trail going 6:30-6:20-6:10 and then 3:00-3:05 for the last half, followed by an easy half and then a mile of 25 seconds on/35 seconds off.  This may have been some of the toughest summer weather I’ve ever worked out in. Conditions as I headed out the door were 76 degrees and 76 DP (real feel 91).   Husband-coach told me that I had some options to alter this if things were rough: I could keep the whole uptempo stretch at 6:30 or I could even just bail on the workout itself as doing an easy 90 minutes in this weather would be taxing enough.

To help my cause I did a few things:
1. Froze an 8oz bottle of water overnight. Pulled it out of the freezer right before I started my run. The plan was to stash it on the trail near where I’d be starting my cool down so that I had a drink to cool off. However, I decided to hold onto it because having something cold in my hands was helping to keep my body cool. And by 25 minutes into the run, the whole thing had thawed so figured it would be disgustingly warm by the time I got to it on the cool down. So, I drank it during the 4th mile of my warm up and dumped some on my head right before I started the workout.

2. I put a bunch of ice cubes in my sports bra (front and back) before heading out the door. It looked like had a really bumpy chest, but I did not care. It felt really good to have the coldness on my sternum and upper back.

Felt really good on the progression. Felt decent on the on/off mile as well. Took the offs a little easier than I normally would d/t the conditions.

Easy 41:54, then 3.5 miles in 21:32 (6:09 avg) via 6:23, 6:09, 5:58, 2:58, then easy 4:04 half mile into the on/off mile, which was 6:31 (last on was 31 seconds to get to the mm). Easy 24:24 back home.

Sunday: 16 miles, all easy.  Got to run w/ my friend Aimee for some of the early miles and she later drove out onto the course to bring me water and ice cubes since it was another hot and humid day.

79 miles for the week

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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    1. Yeah or even just starting a run w/ ice cubes in each hand. I did that yesterday for my second run when it was 87 degrees and the dew point was 75 (so the real feel was over 100…yuck!) and it made a big difference. My college coach used to have me do that when I’d run 10ks in hot/humid weather. It definitely helps.