Poppy’s Training Log – 3.27.16

This week I was at my mom’s with the kids while my husband was up in Boston for a work trip.  It allowed for some change of scenery and venues for my runs.  I definitely felt like I rebounded from the past two weeks.  I didn’t necessarily get more sleep, but I focused on getting more fuel in me since I realized the stress of the previous weeks had me under-eating for what I was training for.  Whaddyaknow?  As soon as I focused on getting in more fuel, I started to feel better.  Both workouts went well, especially the one with faster intervals, which I was actually a bit nervous for.  I even got a few runs in with my husband at the end of the week as we had the help of my mom to watch the kids.  All in all it was a good week.

Monday:  6 miles in the morning, w/ 8x100m strides.  4 miles easy in the evening.  Got ART done on my R foot, hip, and hammy in the afternoon from a doc I see periodically whenever I’m up at my mom’s.

Tuesday:  12 miles w/ workout.  The plan was 4m cutdown tempo via: 612 / 608 / 604 / 600 followed by 1-2 easy laps (reverse) then 6-8 x 200 @ 41-42 (easy 200 jog, no faster than 60).  Did this at Riverside (high school track near my mom’s). Thought it might feel harder b/c of the temps (26 degrees when I started the workout) and extra layers of clothes I had on as a result. Thankfully, not much wind, so that helped. Could feel the cold affect my breathing slightly on the tempo and also the fluidity of my stride. Despite that, still ended up a bit faster on the tempo mostly due to the paces my legs somewhat settled into. By the time I started the 200s though I felt more warmed up and smoother. The sun came up by then and I think that warmed things up a little.

Up 28:31 (w/ a few strides), down 18:06


4 mi tempo in 24:09 (6:04/mi avg) via 6:10, 6:05, 6:01, 5:53

(5:01r, reverse laps 2-3)


41.41 (66r)

41.35 (64r)

40.77 (65r)

41.07 (65r)

40.73 (67r)

41.44 (64r)

40.72 (67r)

40.94* (67r) *this one was over 41, had trouble hitting split button with my big, bulky mittens

13:14 for the 3200 of 200s

Wednesday:  8 miles easy in the morning.  4 miles easy in the evening.

Thursday:  6 miles in the morning w/ 8x100m strides.  4 miles easy in the evening.

Friday:  10 miles in the morning w/ workout. At Riverside, with special guest appearances by Coach Tbone, Assistant Coach Conrad, and Team Manager Emmy. Was told what I was doing on the fly. Knew I’d be doing 800s at 5k-10k pace, but didn’t know rest intervals or exactly how many reps.

To start was told to run a 2:56 and take 1:45 jog rest. Ended up being a tad fast. From there was told to run what I did for the previous one and mostly did 1:45 jog rest. After 3rd 800 TPS told me to take 2:00 jog rest and then run a 5:40 1600. That was followed by 3:00 jog rest and then back to 800s at ~2:50 w/ 1:45 rest.

Very windy (14-16mph during workout) and also kind of humid as it had rained earlier and was in the process of warming up while we were out. Thought the wind would make things feel much more difficult, but it wasn’t that bad at all. Could tell in the last couple 800s that it was picking up and it definitely affected pace (would be 43 into the wind and same effort would yield a 41 with wind at back). Just tried my best not to overcompensate and keep relaxed, but fast.

Felt very strong and controlled the whole time. So much better than any workout in the past two weeks. 5:40s felt better than 6:00s of the past couple weeks. Needed this. While I haven’t necessarily gotten a ton of sleep, I think I’m feeling better b/c I’ve made a good effort to increase calories. The stress of being sick and dealing with Conrad’s tonsil stuff had me under-eating and therefore dropping much needed lbs. I just seem to be more prone to this since having Emmy, so need to be very on top of this so I don’t feel like crap running. At any rate, the extra fuel seems to have helped my overall energy. Food for the win!

Up 24:01 (w/ several 100m strides around 21), down 16:36


2:52.81 (1:41r)

2:51.22 (1:44r)

2:50.05 (2:06r – took a little longer b/c was talking to the RHS track coach)

5:37.02 (2:57r)

2:47.93 (1:41r)

2:47.13 (1:41r)


Really great to have Team Sheatock there. Conrad gave me several hugs during my rest jogs (he also tried to give me one in the middle of one of my 800s and I almost barreled him over).

Did another 5 miles in the evening as a super slow shakeout w/ TPS.  Was really feeling the combo of turnover work in the morning + old age.  Oof.

Saturday:  Easy 8 miles with the hubs!  Great to run together.

Sunday:  17 miles, ~12 of those w/ TPS, while mom watched the kids again.  Great to have the time together.   This was all easy.  Legs were still feeling Friday a bit, mostly in that my hammies felt a little tired.
84 miles for the week.

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. After almost two years of focusing on shorter race distances, I am back on the marathon training horse. My next goal race is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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