Poppy’s training log – 3.19.17

Oh hello, snow.

This week’s training had the added bonus of planning around all the snow we got at the beginning of the week (about 18 inches), courtesy of a late winter snow storm that hit much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. I did my first treadmill run in about a year and had to get creative with the timing and routes of my runs as the rail trail I utilize for pretty much every baby jogger run was buried in lots and lots of snow. In the end, it all worked out and I got in a pretty solid week of training.

Monday:  4 miles in the morning w/ both kids in the double, 8 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single. The only day I ran on the trail this week.

Tuesday: Snow! 8 miles on the treadmill.  We have a treadmill in our basement that hasn’t been used in about two years. It started acting funny after hubs did 20 miles at 6:00 pace two winters ago. We’ve been too lazy to get it checked out. Shows you how much we like using a treadmill.  Anyway, I was pretty sure an outside run might not happen as we got over a foot of snow throughout Monday night and the day Tuesday and they didn’t plow our road until 6pm. So, I cleaned the treadmill out as best as I could with our Shark vacuum and some dust cloths and gave it a go.  Success! Was able to get in an hour or running while the hubs snow-blowed four neighborhood driveways, including our own, and the kids watched a movie.

Wednesday:  The snow was still wreaking havoc on things. I planned to do my workout early in the morning, but the combo of all the snow and Bucknell being on spring break meant the indoor track facility wasn’t opening until late morning. So, hubs and I got creative with a plan for both of us to get our workout in over a long lunch break while also taking care of the kids. 12 miles w/ 4x(4×400). Plan was to run 82.0 +/- 0.5 for the first 3 sets and if I felt good/did a good job with pacing on the first three sets, I could go a little faster on the fourth. Rest was 45 second jog between 400s and 1:30-3:00 between each set.

81.05 (38r)
82.25 (40r)
81.24 (40r)
81.67 (1:43r)
82.02 – almost nailed that one (37r)
80.76 (38r)
81.20 (38r)
81.25 (1:43r)
81.38 (40r)
80.14 (38r)
80.60 (38r)
81.29 (1:56r)
79.35 (37r)
79.59 (38r)
78.62 (40r)

Thursday: 8 miles in the morning, through snow drifts (crazy wind yesterday blew around all of that snow from Tuesday), 4 miles in the afternoon w/ E in the single around the clear roads in our neighborhood. I was really feeling yesterday’s 400s today. Old age + speed work = ouch.

Friday: 10 miles w/ E in the single. Again, we mostly went on cleared off neighborhood roads (lots of zig-zagging through a nearby development) as my beloved rail trail was not accessible.

Saturday:  14 miles w/ workout. With the hubs! We went to the indoor track and hubs planned to jump in with me when he could while the kids played on the track and/or pole vault mats. We lucked out that our next door neighbors, who also have two children close in age to ours, were there and offered to watch our kids so hubs could run the whole workout with me. Was so grateful for that. I didn’t know what my workout was until I was actually doing it. Hubs told me to start running 5:56 pace until he told me to stop. We ended up doing just over 6400. We ran in lane 5 and used stagger marks the track coach has sharpied onto the track, so that is why we didn’t have quite an exact total distance on the tempo. After the tempo we did 4×600 (we were suppose to run 800s @ 2:52, but hubs led the first and took us through the 200 in 40, so he switched it to 600s). Then I finished up with a solo 1600 @ 6:00 for good measure.

The four 1600 splits within the 6.4k+ of tempo were 5:56, 5:57, 5:55, 5:55, followed by ~4:00 jog rest w/ 3 light strides. The rest of the splits and jog rest were as follows:
2:03.63 (1:42r)
2:02.88 (1:44r)
2:02.89 (1:48r)
2:01.87 (2:48r)
1600 in 6:01.37

Sunday: ~15 miles. Again with the hubs! One of my many sister-in-laws came to watch the kids last night so hubs and I could go on our first non-running date in months and she kindly stayed until late morning so we could do our long run together. Hooray.

83 miles for the week

I'm a licensed massage therapist with a background in biochemistry and also a mother of two. I'm usually training for marathons, but right now focusing on some shorter distances to change things up. I write mostly about health and science as they relate to running as well as being part of a running family.

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  1. That’s a good week! What are you training for now? Aaah, 400s. I miss them. My favorite workout to do! Lucky that you have an indoor track for workouts in the winter!

    1. Thanks! I was surprised everything worked out as it did given how much the snow messed with everything that week (two snow days at pre-school, tons of schedule changes with my work, messy running conditions that included loss of easy baby-jogging routes). I’m going to do two local half marathons in April and I plan to do the 10k at the Bucknell Outdoor Classic in a little less than four weeks. Going to try and hold my own with the college kids.

      Yes, I am super psyched we live within a few miles of an indoor track given that we are in the middle of nowhere. While it’s not banked or over-sized track, I still think it’s pretty fast and it certainly gets the job done.