Poppy’s training log – 2.26.17 and 3.5.17

The past two weeks have been pretty busy.  Again.  I got back from my work trip to Boston at 1:30am on the 20th and my husband left at 5:30pm that same day for his work trip to Boston, which took up most of that week.  Hubs was back by the end of that week and we had a full week with the whole family together before I took a weekend trip to Washington D.C. with the kids to visit my brothers, which we just returned from last evening.  While in D.C. I ran a 10k to give me a race in between the 5k I did at the beginning of February and the 1/2 marathons and track race I will do in April.   The race went well, despite temps in the 20s and it gave me another good data point for my current training.  The weekend in D.C. was a blast as my kids loved hanging out with my brothers and we got to spend time at the National History Museum and the National Zoo.  The highlight for the kids though may have been the public transportation as they were overjoyed riding the Metro and the city bus.   Simple pleasures.  My training for the past two weeks is below:

week of 2/20:

Monday: 8 miles in the morning (5 w/ the fam), 4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Tuesday: 12 miles w/ workout.  Since hubs was out of town, I ran my warm up w/ the kids in the double over to the Bucknell indoor track, where I met one of the gals on the track team who kindly offered to hang w/ my kiddos while I ran a short workout.  Plan was 3-4 x 1600 of off/on 200s (48-50/40-41) w/ 1:30-2:00 rest in between.  Ended up getting in 4 sets and then loaded the kids back into the double and hammered my cool down to get home in time to get my little guy ready and off to pre-school.  My offs were all right around 48/49 and my ons were 39/40.  My overall 1600 times were 5:54 (1:39r), 5:55 (1:36r), 5:52 (1:42r), 5:49.

Wednesday:  4 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 8 miles in the afternoon w/ Emmy in the single.

Thursday:  12 miles.  Ran ~7 miles w/ the kids in the double (to/from Bucknell outdoor track) and middle 5 miles were solo laps on the track while the kids played. It was a warm sunny day (got up to 68 degrees that day) and the kids were enjoying the sunshine.

Friday:  16 w/ workout.  Plan was 3 mi @ 5:56-6:00, 1 mi recovery (whatever I needed to recover, but no faster than 6:30), 2 mi @ 5:52-5:56, 1 mi recovery (no faster than 6:30), 1 mi @ 5:48-5:52.  If I felt good, I had the option to tack on an easy half mile and tack on a fast half mile after that.  I ended up doing this on the outdoor track, as opposed to the roads.  It was in the 60s when I did this. Crazy.  I started the workout feeling a bit flat and the 3 mile (really 4800 meter) segment felt a little blah.  Thankfully, I kept an open mind about the workout and by the time I hit the 2mi/3200m portion I felt a lot better and finished the workout feeling good, though quite tired on the cool down.

17:43 via 5:56.24/5:55.11/5:52.50
11:37 via 5:48.84/5:48.17

*slightly more than 800 as I jogged in place for a bit debating on the final hard 800

Ended up with 14.4k of continuous work at 6:19 average.

Saturday: 4 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 miles solo in the afternoon.

Sunday: 14 miles, ~7 of it w/ the hubs and kids to/from Bucknell indoor track and then middle 7 miles solo.

86 miles for the week

week of 2/27:

Monday: 6 in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 in the afternoon w/ E in the single.

Tuesday: 6 mile family run in the morning (hubs pushed the double), 4 in the afternoon w/ E.

Wednesday:  12 w/ workout.  Plan was 6×800 @ ~2:45 w/ 1:45-2:00 recovery jog.  Opted for outdoor track as it was in the 50s and thought that would be nice.  However, it ended up pouring rain the entire workout and felt much colder than I anticipated.  This was not the most enjoyable workout and I had a hard time hitting pace during the second half of the workout due to combo of running through a massive puddle on one of the curves (there has been insufficient draining on the track lately after hard rain falls) and fatigue.

2:44.11  (1:46r)
2:45.28 (1:43r)
2:45.70 (1:45r)
2:46.29 (1:44r)
2:47.57 (1:54r – gave myself a few extra seconds)
2:49.75 (oof)

Thursday: 8 solo in the morning, 4 solo in the afternoon.  It was suuuuper windy today, so hubs and I worked it out so that I could run without having to push the double in the conditions.

Friday:  6 miles in the morning w/ the kids in the double, 4 in the afternoon w/ E.

Saturday:  6+ miles in Rock Creek Park w/ my brother, Jesse.  6x20sec strides at the end.

Sunday: 16 miles w/ 10k race in D.C.  36:33 for 2nd place.  I haven’t raced a road 10k in a few years, so was excited for the opportunity to do one here.  Logistically, it worked out well with being in D.C. to visit my brothers, who live in the Columbia Heights and Petworth areas.  My brothers were kind enough to watch the kiddos while I ran the race and I was able to get most of my warm up and cool down miles in by running from/to my brother Adam’s apartment.  The temp was upper 20s during race time and it was a little breezy, but the sun was out and that definitely made it feel more comfortable than one would expect with such cold temps.  I felt so-so for the first few miles, so I tucked in with a group that included two other women (at the time they were 2nd and 3rd females in the race, the first gal took off from the start and we never had contact with her).  Another woman caught us by halfway and we all ran together with a few other men.  At four miles I very abruptly started to feel really good so I took off and broke our group up.   I spent the last two miles mostly alone, though the eventual third place woman was right behind me and I tried to get her to run up with me so we could work together on reeling in some men ahead of us.  I felt very strong finishing and was happy to have felt so good in the final miles.  My mile splits were pretty even and all right around 5:51-5:55.  I wasn’t sure what I could run for a road 10k right now, but I’m happy to be not too far off what I ran for a track 10k last April.  Given how good I felt in the final miles, I wish I had felt better early on to push a little more and run faster, but I am glad to have competed well and I look forward to giving the 10k another shot (but on the track) in six weeks.

The 10k started and finished right by the Washington Monument.


Post-race time at the National Zoo with these cutie heads.

76 miles for the week

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