Pimento’s Training Log 6.1 – 6.11.17

I think we’re supposed to be approaching summer, and based on the end of the school year events filling up my calendar we are … but, looking out the window at the rainy, gray, upper 50s kind of weather makes it feel more like April. My high school principal husband is transitioning to a new school and district next year, so is sort of working two jobs right now; sewing things up at his current school while hiring, planning, and attending meetings at his new school. The result is he’s gone a lot. I want to fast-forward a week so he’s back down to just one!

Meanwhile, my 70-year-old mom is retiring, sold her house and is moving so I’ve been driving the hour up to her house and staying with her in any spare time I have to help clean out her house (Oh my gawd… the amount of STUFF is mind-boggling). Somehow, between everything else I still find time to squeeze in my runs.

Wednesday 6/1: 10.5 miles: 1.5 mile warm up/form drills, 8-mile progression run from 7:52 down to 7:06 pace, 1 mile cool down.

6/2: OFF, core

6/3: 15.29 miles (8:00 avg. pace). A lovely solo-run around the lake.

6/4: 7.27 miles (8:58 pace), 10 x 10-second hill sprints, then drove to my mom’s for the big moving day.

Week total (including 5/29-31): 59.62 miles


Monday 6/5: 10.07 miles (8:09 avg. pace). Got up early and ran an out-and-back along the main drag in my mom’s city before the rest of the day was spent packing, hauling, arranging, Craig’s List-ing, and managing to keep my patience.

6/6: 6.2 miles (8:25 avg pace), core. I had an 11-mile workout planned but after dropping my daughter off at preschool came out to a dead car battery, had to literally run to my husband’s work to get him to give me jump, then spent my child-free time getting a new battery.

6/7: 8 miles (8:49 avg pace). Super ugh run, despite a new pair of shoes. Pollen levels in the Willamette Valley have been off the charts lately and even though I don’t have allergies, there is literally so much tree and grass sperm in the air that it felt like I was breathing through a blanket. UGH.

6/8: 10 miles (7:47 avg. pace). Warmed up 3 miles, then cut down each mile to 7:00 pace.

6/9: 5 miles (8:38 avg. pace). Ran from my mom’s house and meandered around suburbia before spending the rest of the day packing, hauling, and cleaning.

6/10: 14 miles- 4 warm up (8:26 pace), 6 at 1 minute @6:00/1 minute @8:16 (7:00 avg pace), 4 cool down (8:11 pace).

6/11: a.m.- 6 miles (8:25 pace), p.m. 1 mile warm up, then 10 x 10-second hill sprints, core.

Weekly total: 61 miles

***A note to Brooks: the tongue on the PureCadence update is sharp and gives me matching abrasions on my ankles. This is my ~30th pair, and this update sucks. That is all. #RunUnhappy

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. I was really amazed at the amount of stuff in my family home when my folks sold it. My dad hired a dumpster and we took turns throwing stuff out of the second story window into it…pretty cathartic. Good luck with the packing! Definitely inspiring my to de-clutter again…not that we’re moving, but just the thought of it…

  2. Busy couple of weeks! Hope the transitions are going well for both your husband and your mom โ€” and you! Way to get it all in. Safe to assume UPYOURS is behind the new Pure Cadence update.