Pimento’s Training Log 1.9.16

My shoes came in the mail Wednesday!

A solid week of training this week that included two workouts, four treadmill runs, and a long run with a four-mile fast chunk toward the end. I’m starting to look ahead for Spring marathons and all signs are pointing to the Newport Marathon on the coast here in Oregon being the one. It is my only DNF (from 2011) due to a migraine exacerbated by a random 80 degree day (after training in the 40 degree range all Spring). That race killed my self-esteem; I was a still a newbie and it was my first epic fail. Due to things beyond my control, yes, but it brought me very, very low after. For a long time, Newport was simply “the race I do not speak of,” but now I believe the time has come for me to give it another go. First things first, though, and I need to run a strong half in seven weeks. Focus, Pimento, focus.

1/3 Sunday: 3 treadmill miles (9:06 pace) Rather than take a total rest day today, I decided to just do an easy run to get the blood flowing. We are having pretty bad freezing rain and can barely walk across our driveway, so I was feeling a bit cooped up by the end of the day. Some inappropriate humor thanks to Larry David of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” continues to make dread-mill time enjoyable.

1/4 Monday: 9 treadmill miles (3 x 2-mile workout) I warmed up three miles, then did 3 x 2-mile sets; the first set @7:13 pace, second set @6:58, third set @6:40, each set with a quarter-mile/three-minute walk break in between. No “Curb” today, instead I turned up the rave/techno music really loud and got pumped up. Alora painted her box-house next to me in the garage, and then ran circles around it for about 15 minutes proclaiming to be a runner like me. Haha. Running these workouts prescribed by my running dad/coach are seriously upping my self-esteem; I feel so damn fit and fast afterward, particularly after the last year where I’ve pushed the stroller so much I had to get used to mediocre pace all the time. Whoop whoop for workouts on the treadmill today!

1/5 Tuesday: 3 treadmill miles (8:55 pace) Looking over my planned workouts for the week and realized I need to scale back my three easy days to not go over 53 mile this week. Focusing on quality over quantity this training session. It was a good thing, anyhow, because when I was getting ready to take Alora to the park, I got a huge visual aura in my right eye- a precursor for a migraine. What does that look like if you’ve never had one? A crystally, prism-like crackly rainbow that starts as a round blob then expands outward into an arc. As that happens, I can feel my brain almost quaking in a moving wave. Once the arc expands beyond my field of vision the pain starts, along with light and sound sensitivity plus nausea. I promptly took four Ibuprofen to fight off full-force pain, but my brain feels bruised and slow, and even my face and scalp feel tender so I ended up taking Excedrin Migraine tonight. Ugh.

1/6 Wednesday: 10.5 treadmill miles, workout. 2 miles warm-up, 2 x 100m sprints with 60-sec jog in between, 1 mile @6:58 pace, 800 m @ 6:40 pace, 60-second jog (repeat), 4 x 400 @ 6:18 pace with 60-second recovery jog in between each, 2 x 800m @ 6:40 pace with 60-second jog recovery in between, 1 mile @ 6:58 pace, 1 cool down mile.

Alora turns three today, and because my husband works/has class until 9:30 tonight, he made her favorite from-scratch Daddy Pancakes with candles and all for breakfast. Hard to believe it’s already been three years.

Hot damn; these workouts are kicking my ass and making me feel like a bad ass at the same time. I kind of can’t believe the paces that I am running and not red-lining. Truth be told, this is the first time I have ever consistently run workouts; I went t0 a speed group once a week for a year or so, but that was one workout a week. I’ve done tempo runs and practice pace runs, but never this amount of 400m at this, 800m at that kind of stuff. Plus it’s fun to check in after with my coach/running dad to tell him how it went. This just MIGHT be the missing piece that I needed to hit my 3:10 marathon goal… we shall see!

1/7 Thursday: 8.05 miles (8:40 pace) Finally got an outdoor(!) run with one of my best running friends, Terri after a holiday hiatus for about a month due to traveling, etc. I pushed the stroller today for the first time in a looong time and I am out of stroller shape- the pace felt super tough, though the first half of our route today features a solid mile uphill section which added to that feeling. Afterward, we went to our favorite bakery/coffee shop with our other running friend, Stef, who is due to have her first baby on Monday. Felt wonderful to hang with part of my tribe again and catch up.

1/8 Friday: First day off this year!

1/9 Saturday: 16.61 miles (7:44 avg pace), 4 pace miles at the end @ 6:51, 6:55, 6:48, 6:47. Due to a busy day with no childcare, I set my alarm for 4:36 to drink a cup of coffee and eat a banana before meeting up with three friends for our long run at 5:30. Pitch black in the woods this morning for the first 12 miles, so we ran with headlamps. My mom came by this afternoon, and I told her about the run (which went great; felt good, hilarious conversation and inappropriate joking all around with the planned fast miles at the end right on planned pace). She just shook her head and said there was no way she could ever get up that early to do what we do. I just smiled; plans like that are what get me out of bed in the morning. Left hamstring is feeling twingy, tight, and sore tonight and I’m looking forward to a relaxed run with my son biking tomorrow!

Weekly total: 50.16

Pretty good week.

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