Pimento’s (Newport Marathon) Training Log 5.22.16

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Running to meet my friends during my last long run this cycle.

So ended the last week of training before I head into my two-week taper. I am so beyond ready for this couple of weeks to cut back, recover, and rest before the big day. The physical and mental stress from the months of hard training, which technically began in December when I started training for the half in March before transitioning straight into marathon-mode, is adding up. I am exhausted, napping when I can, drinking afternoon coffee everyday, sleeping long and well some nights while alternatively having insomnia others, and in a near-constant state of pissed-offedness with a microscopic fuse. My poor kids and husband are taking the brunt there unfortunately. I’ve been checking each workout off the list day by day, knowing that my long run on Saturday of 21 miles was the last hurrah.

Friday night, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned until 1:15 before grabbing my Kindle and reading a couple of chapters from Matt Fitzgerald’s “How Bad Do You Want It?” I was telling myself to not freak out that I was going to get less than three hours of sleep before a scheduled long run with 10 miles at marathon goal pace minus five seconds, but I was freaking out a little. Which added to the insomnia, of course. Anyhow, one of the chapters was about reaching a point in your athleticism where you can listen to your body and realize that forcing the workout doesn’t always equal success or achieving your goal. I looked at the clock for the last time at 2:38, and the next thing I knew the alarm was going off at 4:15. I ate my toast and banana, drank my coffee and headed out to meet my friends, who were planning on meeting about an hour after I started.

Sam and Kate were smiling and pumped as I grumpily ran into the parking lot after almost eight solo miles. I made the decision, there and then, that the 10 miles at just under marathon goal pace was not in my best interest physically or mentally and decided instead to just enjoy a long run with my friends. The fog lifted off the lake, the sun came up, and we ran out onto the dam near the end to soak up the Pacific NW beauty. I finished the run with the last two at pace, and felt so ready. Not nervous that I’d blown off a workout (the only one this training cycle), no negative self-talk, just the calm feeling that I’ve done everything I can to knock this race out of the park. Taper time!

Sunday: 1.5 miles. Just a little stretch-out after my 22-mile run yesterday, which left me with a sore ankle/shin. Upper body/core workout in the evening.

Monday: 6 miles. Upper body/core in the evening.

Tuesday: 13 miles, workout. Warm up 4 miles, 3 x 2 @6:40, cool down 3 miles.

Wednesday: 13 miles/AM- 10 miles, PM- 3 miles.

Thursday: 14 miles/AM- 8 miles with 4 @6:48, PM-6 miles. Upper body/core in between runs.

Friday: 8.55 miles, hills.

Saturday: 21 miles, with last 2 @MGP. Upper body/core.

Weekly total: 77 miles, 4 upper body/core workouts

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. So wise of you to let go of that workout and to enjoy those miles with your friends. Those missed MP miles were not going to make or break your upcoming race. Sometimes you need to just enjoy the run. It’s been fun following your training. The hard work is done (at least for the next two weeks!) Get lots of rest and enjoy some much-deserved down time. Enjoy your taper!