Pimento’s (Newport Marathon) Training Log 3.19.16

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Hell Week ended with a weekend at the beautiful Oregon coast.

“Welcome to Hell Week!” the email from my coach/running dad began cheerfully as he gave me the breakdown for the week. After training for my half where I consistently ran in the upper-50s, this week suddenly bumps up to 68. Boom. After the down week, it is suddenly ON. The thing that is nice about immediately transitioning from half-marathon training to full-marathon training is that my goal pace (7:10-7:14) tempo runs feel like a breeze after running such faster tempos for the half. I am continuing to be really good with the core and upper body stuff, feeling stronger already. I made up with the treadmill this week for weather and kid-reasons; hopefully it won’t last too long!

Sunday, 5 treadmill miles, recovery pace. Followed my run by letting my husband guide me through six three-minute rounds of a boxing workout. Oh. My. God. First, it kicked my ass; my arms/shoulders/lats were like rubber afterward. Second, what a blast! I felt like such a bad ass punching the heavy bag, then doing mitt work, and finally when I took off my gloves and saw a couple red, raw knuckles. Rocky music was definitely playing in my head.

Monday, 7 treadmill miles (8:30 pace), plus 10 hill-sprints. Core and upper body workout in the evening.

Tuesday, 11-mile treadmill workout. Warm up 3 miles, 5 miles @7:08, 2 miles @ 6:45 (6:35 for the second), cool down 1 mile.

Wednesday, 10 stroller pushing miles (recovery pace). Core and upper body workout, then boxing (heavy bag and mitt-work) with my husband. I had a very busy, scheduled day and doing my run on the treadmill while watching “6 Feet Under” was step one of the day. Alora, my three year-old, declared she wanted to come on a run, so I ended up on the the trail with her and the dog. A couple miles in, out path was blocked by a big Douglas Fir that must’ve toppled in one of the wind storms this past weekend, as I was up here less than a week ago. I got Alora, the stroller, and myself over it and we carried on. I called it the Steeple Chase Stroller Run. Scout was a champ, and ran 7-8 of the miles.

Thursday, 11-mile treadmill workout. Warm up 3 miles, 3 miles of 400m @6:00, then 400m @7:30 continuous, 4x 40-second hill sprints on my street, cool down 5 miles.

Friday, 6 miles (8:04 pace). Met up with Terri and Sam on a beautiful sunny morning by the river. Core and upper body workout in the evening.

Saturday, 18.5 miles hilly (7:35 pace). Met up with a great group of friends at 5:30am for what was supposed to be an easy-paced hill run, to solely work on strength-building. It was dark for over the first half, and I chatted the whole time. Talked normally, felt like I was going easy, then looked down to see my paces dropping down into the 7:0x’s… Uh oh. I went with it, deciding that because it felt easy, and because I’ve been running solo so much lately that I needed the runner’s high. Last mile was 6:4x and I felt like a damn rockstar. Sometimes marathon training can seem like work; you slog through the miles, you agonize over maintaining a prescribed pace, and at times that can suck the joy out of running. Today I needed that joy.

Weekly mileage: 68.5 miles, 4 core/upper body workouts

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. AWESOME week of training, definitely a good transition into marathon training from the half. I love that you are doing some boxing work with your husband, it sounds like so much fun!