Pimento’s CIM Training Log 9.26-10.01.16

Self-care: new shoes, a massage, and a (scary) face masque.

Training hit hard this week, with a big jump in mileage plus a busy family schedule. My legs have been aching at night for… a while… and I looked at my calendar to realize that I hadn’t bought new shoes since May. ~950 miles . Good grief, I’m not quite sure how that got away from me. I ordered a new pair of Saucony Kinvaras and scheduled a massage with THE runner massage therapist to the elites/ultra-man himself, Kelly, in Eugene and crossed my fingers that the combo of new shoes and a meat-tenderizing session would fix me.

Monday and Tuesday I felt like sh!t on my runs, including a Tuesday workout that included a planned 12 miles with 6 @marathon effort, which I managed to nearly kill myself attempting and then averaged only 7:05 for, so felt like a failure. Wednesday I ran 10 and then showed up for my massage, ready for him to tell me that I was broken. Instead, he worked out my lower body and declared my muscles “uniformly dense,” meaning I am obviously working hard but don’t have a problem area, though I should maybe “just foam roll more.” Lord, I needed to hear that. I got home to see my new shoes sitting on the front step in their UPS box.

Thursday I ran early with a friend, on what felt like brand new legs, then did a second run in the evening. My daughter wanted to come along for the six miles, so I brought her with zero expectation for a stroller-pushing second-run-for-the-day. The miles kept rolling by smoothly, with the pace dropping fast and my left hamstring didn’t feel like a live wire like it has for ages. Mile six beeped at 6:57 — a new stroller-pushing PR mile time for me!! I felt utterly bad ass and endlessly grateful to Kelly! Finished the week off with a long run with my CIM training buddies before leaving town to watch my son at his cross country meet. From a week that started out so bleh, it ended on a high note! Moral:ย If your legs ache, check your damn shoe mileage and get a massage! (Add some wine and a face masque for extra credit).

Monday: 10 miles @8:21 avg, negative progression from 9:00 down to 7:30 pace, on the treadmill. Core.

Tuesday: 12 miles. Workout– 3 warm up, 6 @7:05 average, 3 cool down. BLEH.

Wednesday: 10 miles. Recovery pace on the treadmill. Core.

Thursday: (am) 8 miles @8:03 avg, (pm) 6 miles with the stroller @7:53 avg.

Friday: 8 miles @8:04 avg with the stroller. Core.

Saturday: (am) 20 miles, first 10 @7:56 avg second 10 @7:27 avg, (pm) 3 miles recovery on the treadmill.

Sunday: 4 miles recovery on the treadmill. Core.

TOTAL: 81 miles

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. Awesome week! I have some mileage alerts set up in my online training logs so I don’t forget. Good thing you got some new shoes! I also schedule massages every 3 weeks at the start of a marathon training cycle so I don’t forget those, either. We did almost the exact same workout Tuesday โ€” crazy. Great week!

    1. I need to do the mileage reminder in my phone, for sure. I’ve been going between two pairs of shoes, normally I run just one pair totally into the ground, and I think that made me think the shoes would last longer or something, ha!

  2. That is a super impressive stroller run! How old is your passenger? I’ve rarely run below an 8 minute mile while pushing – and while I get stronger, my kids just get bigger!

    1. She will be 4 in January- I got to a point where she was still small & I was back in shape so could push her sub-8:00s, but then as she got bigger that got harder. My last mile PR pushing her was over a year ago & was a 7:14. I was pretty amazed with myself this week!

      1. that’s awesome! Because of my current schedule, I don’t do much stroller running unless my husband is out of town which means I take both kids in the double which is a whole other beast. I did 12 km with just my 5 year old over the summer and I was amazing by how much easier than pushing two kids it was, even though she’s big.