Pimento’s Training Log 2.27.16

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Photo credit: my 10-year-old, Kellen

It is taper-time! My half marathon is this coming Saturday, so my mileage is easing off and, like always, I find myself utterly shocked at how much more time in the day I seem to have when I ratchet my miles down. The weather this week cooperated wonderfully, and I got outside multiple times with the stroller and dog. When workout Tuesday and then Thursday rolled around, both dawning sunny and warm again, I chose the ‘mill anyway because I wanted to binge on my new treadmill crack, “6 Feet Under.” I really feel like my fitness and mental game are coming together perfectly; I can’t wait for the race and then transitioning into marathon-training mode!

Monday, 5 miles (recovery pace).ย I met up in the morning for a hike with my friend, Stef, and her one-month-old. I took Alora in her frame backpack and got in a three-mile hike before taking both kids and the dog on my recovery run in the afternoon. The temperature hovered in the mid-60s today, the daffodils are bloomed out as well as all the wild plum trees everywhere. Spring is actually coming!

Tuesday, treadmill 11 miles (workout).ย Warm up: 2 miles, Workout: 3 x 3-miles @ 6:45 with 3-minute rest between each set. Although I considered doing this outside, solo, I instead settled in with a new show to watch, “6 Feet Under.” You might wonder why I watch all these shows that are a decade old. Well, I don’t watch tv much and haven’t in forever, so all these great older series are new to me! Here’s a treadmill “problem” I encountered today: it was a tough, long workout that I ran while completely absorbed in the show. At the end I was drenched in sweat, but don’t really remember the workout effort because I was so into what I was watching. I didn’t eat right away, instead opting for a shower before preschool pick up. When I hit a major lack of energy and patience wall a few hours later, I got confused… Until I remember I’d actually worker out hard. Passed out for a power nap and felt much better.

Wednesday, 3 miles (recovery pace) with 4 strides. Another glorious day, I ran out further than I needed to so Alora could walk/run for the last half-mile to the car. Vitamin D!!!

Thursday, treadmill 8 miles (workout). Warm up: 2 miles, Workout: 4 x 1-mile @ 6:34, 1 mile @ 6:30, Cool down: 1 mile. Legs felt strong and wanted more; a good sign!

Friday: 6 miles (recovery pace). Met up for a run with two of my favorite running ladies (Terri and Kate), while our friend Stef walked with her baby. Coffee and blackberry buckle afterward while relaxing in the sun. Felt recharged in every possible way.

Saturday: 8.6 miles (5 @ 7:48, 3 @ 6:37, 0.5 cool down). Met up with Terri, Kate, and Ryan (who are all racing next week too) in the dawn mist for a run around Cottage Grove Lake, warmed up five miles and then hit my three miles at race-pace, well, that was the plan (since my race-pace is actually 6:50). Instead the first mile was fast and I just decided to hold ‘er steady, 6:36, 6:38, 6:37. Feeling pumped, strong, and ready!

Weekly Total: 41.63 miles


I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. I’m jealous that you are watching 6 Feet Under for the first time. And I understand why you are opting for the TM; that may be my favorite show of all time!

    Good luck with your race. Sounds like you are ready. Can’t wait to read your report!

  2. 2 solid workouts and a great taper week! 3×3 mile, dammmnnnn girl you nailed it I have to do that workout this week coincidentally enough…I’m a little nervous for it. So excited for your half, because your workouts have been really ON and know that you are going to have a big race!