Pesto’s Training Log, 6.26.16

Wise words from the takeout Gods

Monday: (am) 25 minutes elliptical. Upper body lift, abs, squats and lunges with Mr Pesto.  Double success! (pm) Pool run. 25min warm up. 20x90sec hard with 30sec recoveries between. 15min cool down.

Tuesday: Apparently becoming a regular day off for me. 3mi after dinner walk and PT exercises.

Wednesday: (am) 60mins hill intervals on elliptical. 45mins lift and core. (pm) Pool run. 40mins steady.

Thursday: (am) 40mins spinning. (pm) Pool run. 15min warm up. 12x 2:30 hard with 30sec recovery. 10mins cool down.

Friday: (am)  Pool run. 10mins warm up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 mins at tempo pace with 1min easy between. 6min cool down. (pm) 45min trail walk with friends, ended when we saw a copperhead in the middle of the trail and I almost started crying. Not a fan of these guys… or really anything that can kill me.

This guy was too much nature for me
This guy was too much nature for me

Saturday: Failed evening walk turned into a 20min jog. Shin didn’t hurt but it certainly didn’t feel right. Wasn’t my best decision ever, BUT IT FELT SO GOOD!

Sunday: Shin tender to the touch, good job Pesto. We spent the day at a brunch and beer festival in DC with friends. Lots of walking.

Summer is in full swing in our neck of the woods and being injured has allowed for much more socializing than usual. On Wednesday  I will see the orthopedic again (and will be forced to own up to my Saturday evening relapse). I am hopeful that it hasn’t set back the healing process to much – watch this space! #prayforshin



I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience while sipping on wine & coffee in Northern Virginia. Together with my husband and Rhodesian Ridgeback, Gracie we battle to keep the Tupperware cupboard organized for more than two days at time. I recently ran my first marathon (2:51) and am excited for what is to come. I like to ramble about running post injury, finding a work-life balance and running quickly.

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