Pepper’s “Training” Log — 6-24-12

Salty and Pepper Out for Dinner and Fun!
Well not much to report here this week. After pacing last Sunday I decided to give the heel a break. Intentions of swimming and cycling didn’t happen as I was dealing with house repairs and insurance adjusters and a general lack of motivation. Hot weather plus broken plumbing = unmotivated Pepper.
The heel actually was feeling pretty happy after 5 days off and sleeping with the boot on every night. Friday AM I got ART work done on it and my back (crazy tight spot in my lower back, feeling really out of whack). The foot felt better to the doc too but of course the treatment for breaking up that scar tissue irritates it a bit so it was a bit tender Friday and Saturday.
Friday evening I hit up a local restaurant with awesome friends and then had time to kill until the pilot boyfriend got home so I finally got myself to the pool and at 9:30 at night swam for 30 minutes before hopping in the steam room for a little relaxation.
I ran all of once this week on Saturday with my boyfriend. We hit the trails for what should have been a nice easy run but we both felt pretty awful. As a pilot coming off a red eye the previous night he was a bit dehydrated and dizzy and I just felt uncoordinated and my foot was sore with an upset stomach. Not what you are hoping for when trying to light a running spark by doing something fun! So 5 “easy” miles of trails with a few pit stops.
Sunday was a lazy sleep in kind of day after a great night out with Salty and MRP. You would think the overindulgence in food, wine, ice cream, and peanut brittle would have resulted in a great morning workout but instead we relaxed and started our day late finally making it out for some fun at the park with the boyfriend’s nieces and nephew. We played with butterflies and bees while building log castles, flying kites, playing with beach balls, making necklaces, head bands, and pinwheels. After that I conned the boyfriend into doing the fitness trail. All 18 stations with an impromptu sprint up the hill on the way back. We were both sadly lacking in some fitness “skills,” but it was fun.
The costumes were actually for the kids but I couldn't resist trying on the skunk costume.
Tomorrow starts mission wake up in the morning and get in a work out of some sort before heading to work. It takes 30 days to make something a habit so it is my mission no matter how tired to get up early and workout before work as lately it is clear the lunch workouts are sporadic at best and I’d rather spend my evening with the boyfriend relaxing or being social than squeezing in a workout. I’m excited to see my girl Janet more as she is a morning excerciser and I am hoping the motivation of working out with her will keep me on schedule!
I also really really want to start commuting via bike to work. This will take some persuading as my boyfriend is concerned for my safety. I am on a very tight budget right now and I think saving on gas and parking is an excellent way to start getting the finances in shape. For a very long time I have wanted to commute via bike and wasn’t able to do it because of my run training and having to be certain places in the evening. Now with the freedom to make my schedule how I want it I’d love to start “walking the walk” so to speak and leaving a smaller carbon footprint in my daily life.
"Tackling" the fitness trail after an afternoon of knee high naturalist fun at the park.
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