Pepper’s Training Log – 5/4/14

Week 17 of the FIRST plan is in the books. Legs are feeling less perky than last week, but I am chalking that up to the start of a cold, a busy work week, and a long weekend of volunteering and birding in the Cleveland Metroparks!

Monday- Rest

Tuesday- My first CRIT “race.” We have a local road race series on Tuesday nights where they have two groups (A and B) that head out on about a 2 mile crit course, total distance increases each week and it’s a great way to get in some hard cycling miles, if you can keep up, and if you don’t crash. Well I rode a little less than 30 miles, most of it hard, but was only able to hold onto the B group for about 2.5 laps out of 14 total. I got dropped like a bad habit on the same corner three times and had to suffer alone most of the night, thankfully my husband showed up and rode with me when I wasn’t with the group, otherwise I think I would have been tempted to go home after the second time getting dropped. I’m going to have to work on my sprinting out of the corners or work harder to stay further up in the pack if I want a real group ride. Sitting on the back ends up with a domino effect leaving me coming around the corner on my brakes so as not to hit those in front of me and then having to sprint like a maniac into the wind to get back onto the back of the group. Apparently those with testosterone (I was one of 4 women in a giant field of men racing) find this 0 to 25 mph cornering to be fun. Give me steady and hard around the turn any day ๐Ÿ™‚

My teammate and doppelganger rode like a boss and did not get dropped. At least one of us is in shape!
My teammate and doppelganger rode like a boss and did not get dropped. At least one of us is in shape!

Wednesday- Coughing up a storm but managed to get in key run one with my husband and we worked pretty hard on our intervals. 13 minute warm up, 6 * (1 minute hard, 2 minutes easy), 13 minute cool down

Thursday- I wanted to bike, but the rainy weather prevailed and instead we got in about 1700 yards at the pool with a set of 5*100 that I kicked my own butt on.

Friday- Key run number two: 9 mile long run. I was more beat up after this than I would like. Not sure why my muscles are so cranky. A few faster miles than I would have run because I was with a group, but I averaged what seems to be my new go to pace of 8:00 min/mile, so nothing crazy.

Saturday- Long day planting water lovers in a local wetland and then assessing streambank erosion, I was ready to go to bed when I got home, but I guilted myself out onto the bike for about 35 easy minutes with a 2 mile push so I didn’t feel like a total slug. (And if we are being completely honest to show the car who thought he had the right to the entire lane that I could keep up with traffic and deserved to be there, thank you very much)

Pretty sure I can call falling in the river a recovery ice bath right?
Pretty sure I can call falling in the river a recovery ice bath right?

Sunday – Another long day in the Metroparks, a long morning hike identifying birds and wildflowers followed up by a few hours of streambank erosion assessment. I was pretty sure my body was not going to respond well to key run #3, and I was pretty much right. I ran right from the park onto the roads over to the towpath to get in my two miles of tempo. I’m typically slower on the towpath and given my tired legs I figured pace would be closer to 7 than 6:45, and I was right. Workout was 2 miles warm up, 2 miles tempo, and 2 miles cool down. Once again averaged around 8:00 min/per mile for the run (it’s a little uncanny but all of my runs despite the workout are averaging right about here) and the tempo miles were as predicted 7:04 and 7:01. Effort was there but I just didn’t have the speed to go faster yesterday!

A gal on a mission to save Cuyahoga County streams one storm water facility at a time. An ex runner of many facets including marathons, pacing, ultras and more. Chronic left side issues have me cycling more than running these days but I'm attempting to get back to my running roots.

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  1. That’s cool that you tried your first crit. I’ve never raced a crit, and it looks so tough. I want to some day, but I must admit I’m a bit intimidated. Gotta work on my skills, first. And we need more women in competitive cycling!

  2. Thanks JoJo, I just stayed in my comfort zone and for me that meant getting dropped, but I think it’s a good experience. The skills are definitely important, and the scary part is not knowing the skill level of those around you. I would much prefer an all ladies race! Maybe we will get enough girls to add a 3rd category to this series someday!