Pepper’s Training Log 5.20.2012

This week actually got off to a great start and the legs are finally starting to come back around. I would even argue I had two I’m Back runs on Thursday with the long up tempo run followed in the evening by a fun easy trail run! Didn’t manage to get in all the planned mileage but that was mostly due to having so much fun on my mini vacation down in Hocking Hills. I can run an easy 15 miler anywhere, but canoeing with my boyfriend as he plays Gondolier and sings to me on the Hocking River is sort of priceless ๐Ÿ™‚

Not very happy about my new "shattered" I-phone screen.

63 miles for the week!

Monday-7.5 easy with the lunch crew at 7:50 pace. Evening PT routine and easy 650 meter swim. My hammy’s are sadly out of shape and the hamstring curls sure let me know it!

Tuesday-9.5 with a track ladder workout, effort was there but paces wereย  a bit slow (heat?)

4*800,600,400 rest (82, 80, 2:00)

Goal 2:50, 2:04, 80

Ranged from 2:51-2:55, 2:04-2:10, 80-84

Wednesday- Easy 5.25 morning loop at 8:05, feeling much better than last week

Thursday- Lunch Time 10 miles with 8 at around 6:35 pace (last mile 6:08!)

Evening 3 easy miles on trails straight from our cute Hocking Hills cabin!

Friday-10 trail miles with many stops for pictures on the Buckeye Trail in Hocking Hills. Started at Ash Cave and ran to Cedar Falls then up to Old Man Cave and the Upper Falls before taking the Gorge Rim trail back down to Cedar Falls stopping for a PB&J at Rose Lake.

Hocking Hills State Park: Devil's Bathtub
Hocking Hills State Park: Devil's Bathtub (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Dave and I debated hopping in, but signs warned this tub went straight to Hades!

Saturday- A lot of canoe paddling, though admittedly more for Dave than for me. About 2 or 3 hours on the river highlighted by swinging off a rope into the water and doing our part to help keep the river clean and picking up litter along the way.

In the evening we planned to ride bikes and maybe run off the bikes, instead the hunger got the best of us and we decided to eat two massive Thurman’s burgers before getting in an “easy” 4 mile run. Bad idea!

Sunday- Though we got back entirely too late Saturday night we were up at 5 AM to head to the Cleveland marathon and get in our planned 12 miler and some cheering. Ended up with 13.5 miles and our 12 around 7 as planned though it was ended with a nice spill on my part which shattered my I-Phone glass and scraped up my knee pretty nicely. Perhaps a wee bit tired?

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