Pepper’s Cross Training Log 8-26-12

Yet another week of no running. Early in the week I had dreams of a fall comeback in my head as the heel seemed like perhaps it was feeling better, but by Thursday it was apparent it was a fluke. So more cycling and swimming for this girl.

Monday- Evening swim with the boyfriend and some of his Masters swimming buds. I held on for dear life and completed the workout. 2000 yards with some intervals and I was working hard.

Tuesday-Mostly rest though the boyfriend and I ventured out to the local disc golf course for a bit of disc throwing action

Wednesday-Commute to and from work 24ish miles

Thursday-About 90 minutes of off roading on a cyclo cross bike. Spent time practicing skills, riding a loop course, and getting familiar with my friends bike and egg beater pedals. With the prospect of no run races this fall I’ve decided to see if I like cyclo cross. Can’t say I fell in love with this first training session, but I did have fun and it was a good workout even though I am pretty sure I could have run more miles in the time than I actually rode.



Sunday- 50 minutes of cyclo cross practice, skills and a bit of riding, added two more bruises to the mix with two minor crashes.

2000 meter swim with the boyfriend, and two others we just met as we circled swam 4 to a lane because other “swimmers” needed a lane to literally talk our entire workout. Seriously, go hit the hot tub for chat time! I am always in awe of how rude people are at the pool when rules are all over making it clear you should share lanes etc.

Cyclo-Cross Graves Park 2006
I practiced this maneuver like a gazillion times and have two new shiny bruises to prove it! (Photo credit: johnthescone)
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