Peppadew’s Training log – 11.17.2014

Another good week in the books for me! I did not manage to crack every goal that I set for myself but I squeezed in an unplanned race (report will follow) which counted for a solid tempo effort.  Although my mileage was not quite as high as last week, I was extremely busy prepping my house to be sold so I am thrilled at what I managed to fit in.  Also, I thought that after a 7 day streak last week I needed one rest day – the last thing I need is to go from Zero to Hero and get sick / injured / ploddish!

MONDAY 11/17/2014: Rest day. I felt that it was well deserved!

TUESDAY 11/18/2014: 6.4 miles (51:28) I dragged myself out of bed for my 5:15 a.m. Regents run with the speedy girls. Every run is done along a different route which one of the experienced Regents runners devise and call before we set off.  Although we were assured that it “wasn’t too bad”, it was extremely hilly.  I was talking to a friend, trying to keep up with her and trying to breathe simultaneously and it was TOUGH!

WEDNESDAY 11/19/2014: 4.3 miles (untimed) I unexpectedly managed to squeeze in a run with my husband Greg which was a lovely surprise.  We did our neighborhood loop in the early evening and had a chance to chat. He did tease me that I was “showing off” with the pace that I was running.  It seems that running with the girls has made my “easy” pace a bit faster as I did not feel like I was pushing myself.

THURSDAY 11/20/2014: DOUBLE DAY! I was thrilled to organise a way to attend Crossfit at lunchtime.  It was a great workout for me.  We had to do a 20 minute benchmark workout called “Nicole” where you have to run 400m and do as many pullups as you can and repeat as many times as possible.  I cannot do a proper pull up so I modified them to pull up on rings.  I managed to do 8 rounds of 400’s and 80 pullups. Not many of the members of Crossfit Fetish like to run so they were very impressed with my running… its about the only workout I have ever excelled in there! In the Strength and Skills component we had to do handstands for 15 minutes.  I was very silly and kept taking off on my left leg… I paid for it the next day… it was super stiff and sore from my glute to my ankle. Later that evening I went for an easy 4.3 mile run on my standard route (36:30).

FRIDAY 11/21/2014: 6.4 miles (approximately 50 minutes?) I met up with the girls at Regents and was assured that we would be doing a “social Friday” run very easy… bwaaahahahaha… famous last words.  At about 4 miles I had to let them go ahead, there was just no way I could sustain that pace . I also discovered that I had not turned on my Garmin until about mile 2 so my record of the run is sketchy… all I know is that it was tough!

SATURDAY 11/22/2014: 13 miles (1:49:23) Our gang met up at 4:50 in the morning again and we did the same route as last week but the group consisted of only three of us and it was faster than last time.  I managed to hold on until about mile 10 and then I started to struggle.  I possibly burned too many matches in the first 6 miles while chatting and paid for it later.  Luckily I was carrying energy tablets with me (unlike last week) because I guzzled 4 at the last water stop and that is the only reason I did not collapse on the side of the road. I will eat this elephant one bite at a time!

SUNDAY 11/23/2014: 9.3 mile road race (1:20:02) My husband and I decided late on Saturday that we would run a local 15k race organised by one of our running friends at their running club.  The Queensburgh Mineshaft 15km Run is aptly named because you feel like you are climbing from the centre of the earth throughout! okay, so maybe that is a bit dramatic but I did feel pretty stretched for most of the race.

TOTAL MILES: 46 miles


Goals for next week: 2 Crossfit sessions, 1 track session and maintain mileage of last two weeks.


An ultrarunning gal from sunny South Africa... I'm a mummy of two kiddos under 5, wife, runner (and attorney) from the balmy shores of South Africa. Although I am definitely a mid-packer I have the soul and aspirations of an elite athlete, sadly without the pedigreed legs! But every day I dream and work towards loftier goals... maybe a sub 20 5k to start?

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