Peppadew’s Training Log – 11.10.2014

Our Two Oceans Ultra Ladies "Dream Team"
Our Two Oceans Ultra Ladies “Dream Team”

Okay so I realize that there is a week missing from my training log after my “breakthrough” Sunday run of two weeks ago… and there is no explanation or excuse for that gap so we will just leave it at that mmmmmkay? The picture is from our running club awards dinner which is the one running related activity that I did partake in last week. Chugging a beer can hardly be regarded as healthy and reminded me of why I avoid alcohol but the evening was fun and our team got an “exceptional achievement award” for winning the Ladies Open team category at the Two Oceans Ultramarathon earlier this year. I think my school gym teacher would pass out from shock if she heard about this one!

Once I got over my hangover from the aforementioned beerchug (yes, I was SEVERELY hungover from one beer and two shooters), I gave myself a pep talk, pulled myself up from my bootstraps and resolved that the week of 11.10.2014 would not be a blank… so let’s begin:

MONDAY 11/10/2014: 6 miles easy (51:58) I did a neighborhood loop and ran past my daughter’s “Busyballers” class to get a sneak peek of her progress and give her a sweaty hug (she hates it when I am “thweaty”, but she is four years old so a hug from mum is mandatory). I felt relieved that I had pulled on those Saucony’s!

TUESDAY 11/11/2014: 6.25 miles (50:33) In the spirit of my pep talk, I woke up to my 4:25 am alarm and scooted over to Regent Harriers. I saw my nice “new friend” Sarah and ran a few kays with her and her speedy sister Caroline. We had all seen eachother on the previous Sunday at the local country club pool and discussed running together so it was fantastic to see them and start the process. My current sporadic training regime will not be good enough to keep up with these girls so consistency will be key. Even though I could not keep up with them on that run, I ran harder and faster up the numerous hills I was confronted with.

Later that day I went to a Crossfit class where I had to do what felt like 1 trillion heavy lunges and squats with barbells, medicine balls and the like… shaky legs and sweat angels for the win!

WEDNESDAY 11/12/2014: 7.3 miles (1:05:50) I did another group run, this time with my running club DHS Old Boys. (DHS is a local boys High School and the running club was started by old boys of the school. I cannot tell you how funny race spectators think they are when they call me a “DHS Old girl”… LAME!) Anyway, the male club members have been complaining that no ladies ever join the Wednesday club run so we decided to make an effort to attend.  It was a nice and easy run to the beach but it got very hard on the way back when we were facing directly into a howling wind and the boys (and competitive girls) decided to up the ante… obviously we all had to pretend that we were not pushing hard but my legs were squealing all the way home.

THURSDAY 11/13/2014: 6 miles (50:19) I met up with Sarah for the Regents “hill run” which is a set route up and down the hilliest climbs in Durban North. She was very kind and ran back for me on a number of occasions when I fell behind. It was great to have company when the going got tough. I have christened her “Mrs Pacman” because she munches on hills exactly like that little yellow character.

FRIDAY 11/14/2014: 6.3 miles (49:49) Another group run at Regents with the speedy ladies.  I convinced my dear husband Greg to come with me and he ran with one of his friends while I ran with the girls.

SATURDAY 11/15/2014: 13 miles (1:51:35) At 4:50 a.m. we set off for our run… I think that my mind was half asleep which numbed the pain of extremely tired legs. These girls are tough customers! I had moments of feeling strong and capable and miles of feeling broken and tired. But the run was over before 7 a.m. which meant that I could spend all day with the kiddies which is always a win. They had one tired and hungry mama though!

SUNDAY 11/16/2014: 5.3 miles (45:45) In keeping with the slightly OCD nature of our informal running group I dragged myself through a final run for the week to get the miles up. It was slow and oh-so-very-difficult! This runner is DONE for the week!

Goals for next week – perfect attendance at the group runs, staying with the speedies for at least half the run without them having to double back, two Crossfit sessions.


Strength training: 1 hour

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