Peppadew’s (very sparse) training log – 2.22.15


Freaking out here
The Scream by Edvard Munch 

Be careful readers, this is a whine fest… I want to kick my own behind just reading it…

Okay, so it is seven days until my marathon and I have officially had the worst training week of the season.  It was a shocker.  I am definitely having a freak out.  Someone pretty astute told me that there is no use stressing about it because I cannot get the week back, but I am feeling pretty bad about it… cue wailing violins.

MONDAY 2/16/2015: Official rest day and I was still struggling with a stomach bug so it was a good day to put my feet up.  Tried to ignore the feelings of guilt at missing my last 20 miler on 2/15/2015.

TUESDAY 2/17/2015: I was feeling a bit better and packed my things for track.  That afternoon I took my daughter for a playdate and was going to drop her off at home before heading to the track. On our way home she suddenly vomited everywhere and in the time it took us to get home (15 minutes) her fever spiked terribly… there was no choice but to bag the track and stay with the little cherub. It is at times like this that I NEED a treadmill at home.

WEDNESDAY 2/18/2015: An early morning wake up was impossible after the night I had dealing with the sick kiddo and her terrifying fevers.  I planned to go in the evening but by the time I got home from work my son was also sick with fevers and my husband was registering for the Dusi Canoe Marathon which is a three day river canoe race spanning about 70 miles which was held from 19 to 21 February… another missed workout.

THURSDAY 2/19/2015: Greg paddled 30 miles in the scorching heat and by the afternoon was really sick, along with the two kids… I did not even look at my running shoes.

FRIDAY 2/20/2015: Greg paddled another 30 miles feeling very sick and sorry for himself… Florence Nightingale duty called.

SATURDAY 2/21/2015: The awful news came through on Friday that one of the paddlers in the race had drowned after being stuck in his boat after hitting a rock.  I was in a real state about Greg’s safety and decided to write off the day running wise and go down to the river to support him at the finish. The last day was about 22 miles and I was so relieved when I saw him paddling in.

SUNDAY 2/22/2015: By the time I woke up today I was in an absolutely foul and despicable mood. I knew it was time to get my shiznet together and FAST. I headed to the gym and hit the treadmill.  I did a workout with 30 minutes easy pace; 30 minute tempo pace increasing the speed by 0.1 every few minutes and playing with the incline between 0.5 and 1.0; 30 minutes easy. Then I went to the track and did 7 sets of 2 x 400m at interval speed (1:40) and repetition speed (1:35) respectively. I took 30 seconds rest after the slower interval and two minutes rest after the faster interval. I felt MUCH better after that! stupid decision to do both workouts… probably… but the heart wants what it wants.

Next time we chat I will have done the marathon… wish me luck!

The boys at the finish


Not letting go of Dad


An ultrarunning gal from sunny South Africa... I'm a mummy of two kiddos under 5, wife, runner (and attorney) from the balmy shores of South Africa. Although I am definitely a mid-packer I have the soul and aspirations of an elite athlete, sadly without the pedigreed legs! But every day I dream and work towards loftier goals... maybe a sub 20 5k to start?

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  1. Ugghh…I cringed with/for you through this whole post. You and your poor little family! Way to hold it all together and take one for the team, though — moms are so impressive! I hope you’re all feeling better – good luck with the marathon!!

  2. Aah thanks so much! It was a bad week! But this week has been better and I even contacted a treadmill agent to discuss options for the house… I will not be defeated!