Parsley’s Training Log 2/18-3/3

After almost five weeks off due to somewhat significant, lingering knee pain, I’ve finally started running again. I figured out the issue and am staying on top of it (thank you scraping spoon!), but have not figured out my running.

Since Houston, I’ve continued to contemplate competitive retirement. I still don’t know if I’m done. I look at races and think about races, but now that I’m running again, have not made any actual race plans or become motivated to do any workouts. I think I’ll enter a few low-key, local races, to see if that stokes my competitive drive.

Sunday 2/18: 31 mins total, loops around a grassy field. Want to try to stay on soft surfaces as much as possible.

Monday 2/19: 30 mins partly on a gravel road; 45 mins bike trainer in the afternoon

Tuesday 2/20: 45 mins partly on a gravel road; 30 mins bike trainer in the afternoon

Wednesday 2/21: 61 mins Weymouth Woods

Thursday 2/22: 61 mins Weymouth Woods

Friday 2/23: 15 mins w/ strides. I spent the past three days doing all the yard work I should have done all winter, and needed to do immediately since the weather warmed up and things started blooming. I was tired and sore in weird places, but managed to muster up the energy to go run for 15 minutes at the end of the day!

Saturday 2/24: 60 mins w/ drills; run to my daughter’s basketball game (15 mins each way)

I did not feel great this first week back, although I have been biking a lot. I don’t feel out of shape just feel out of running shape- the strides were hard!

Sunday 2/25: 60 mins Weymouth Woods; 45 minus strength/stretch/core

Making friends at the aquarium

Monday 2/26: 45 mins bike trainer; 16 mins w/ the triple, 2 miles on the treadmill uphill

Tuesday 2/27: 60 mins total w/ single broken into 20/20/20 with stops; 45 mins strength/stretch/core

Wednesday 2/28: 45 mins bike trainer; 30 mins w/ triple; 31 mins w/ grass hills

Thursday 3/1: 30 mins bike; 45 mins barefoot on the beach

Friday 3/2: 32 mins barefoot on the beach

Saturday 3/3: 45 mins w/ strides

Strides still do not feel great, but I enjoyed running some easy hill repeats. And running barefoot on the beach is my absolute favorite- something so restorative about zoning out to the sound of the ocean.

I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. Former competitive runner (3 x marathon OTQ & trail marathon national champion) currently working through a lingering injury. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids and moving into a new post-competitive stage.

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  1. Glad you were able to figure out the knee issue. Sounds like a good idea to find some low key races to jump in and see what happens- you never know. Competitive fire, motivation, all of it….can totally be found in the oddest of places and it may not even be a race.

  2. I can’t remember all your running history- did you ever do trail races? Maybe an alternative to fill the competition void but in a different arena? (i.e. if not trail, tri, or coaching…)? Just a thought. Love the beach pic- makes me long to be back in San Diego…