Parsley’s Training Log – 10.15-21.17

My kids loved the Moana cake I made for their 3- and 5-year-old birthday party, but were terrified of the candles!

I was able to sneak (or rather pound) in one more relatively high mileage week.  So two low weeks while I was traveling plus the last two high averages out to about 70 mpw for the month. Maybe not the smartest/most consistent way to train, but taking a bit of downtime in the middle of this marathon training cycle refreshed me both physically and mentally, and has rejuvinated my running these last few training weeks left before the race!

Sunday: 2 hour moderate pace run

Monday: My husband had to leave at 7:30, and since he would be out of town the rest of the week I wanted to get a workout in. Didn’t have many options in the dark, so ran 5 miles to the track. The track was unlocked but completely dark. I don’t do very well/can’t run very fast in the dark, plus I fell and skinned my front side on the way there and was even more cautious than usual, so decided to make my workout more of a track tempo, running 400s at whatever consistent pace I could hit. That way I didn’t have to worry about splits and could just use indiglo to check each lap. Ran 20 x 400 with 100 recovery, 400s were all 88-90. 5 miles home.

30 minutes w/ the double stroller later that morning to make it a 20 mile day.

Tuesday: 1:45 total running throughout the morning w/ various combinations of kids/strollers!

Wednesday: 12 miles total on the treadmill. I’ve been struggling w/ treadmill workouts- dreading them actually, because the few I’ve done haven’t gone very well. I feel like I’m working really really hard, but not running nearly as fast as if I were doing a workout on the track. I usually had to modify them by either cutting the workouts or intervals short, leaving me discouraged and worried about my fitness. My coach suggested dialing back my pace and increasing the overall length of my speedwork. I finally took his advice, and based my workout off one I liked from Poppy’s training log a few weeks ago (she ran her 800s at a faster, consistent interval. Since I’m pretty consistent on the track, I use treadmill runs as a chance to practice cut downs).

2 miles @ 6:15; 8 x 800 descending each rep, 6:11 to 5:45 pace, 2 miles @ 6:15.                                                                     1 mile warm up/down, .25 recovery intervals all @ 7:30 pace.

I really liked this workout and will probably do it again next week. In the past I’ve always run my speedwork much faster than marathon pace- I figure that way when I actually run marathon pace, it should feel easy!  Hasn’t been working out too well for me with my recent race results (ie: the pace doesn’t feel easy), so I decided to actually do some workouts closer to goal marathon pace. I felt like I was working but strong and in control, and actually helped my confidence rather than destroying it like my previous treadmill workouts.

Thursday: 91 minutes total running through the morning, combination of triple/single stroller. 16 minutes w/ triple later in the afternoon.

Friday: 1:15 w/ the triple, strength work at the park about halfway through.

Saturday: Planned to do a long run workout, but woke up achy, chilled/hot flashes, headache. Felt awful all day. Put my running clothes on late in the afternoon thinking the fresh air would make me feel better, made it a few steps down the driveway and went back inside. I don’t feel like taking days off very often, but certainly did today. My only disappointment was that I was on track to make it to another triple digit week, but was not going to push it when sick to reach some arbitrary weekly mileage goal.



I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. Former competitive runner (3 x marathon OTQ & trail marathon national champion) currently working through a lingering injury. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids and moving into a new post-competitive stage.

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  1. I had to chuckle at Tuesday’s entry, imagining all the school runs/ dropoff/ juggling, and the girls’ faces in that photo made me laugh out loud. Out of curiosity, when do you tend to do your treadmill runs? Before the kids are up? After they go to bed? Or naptime?

    1. Seldom in the early morning, unless I won’t have time anywhere else in the day, because it’s hard for me to jump out of bed and get going on the treadmill. I’m also always thinking they’ll hear me and wake up, which means I’ll have to stop and start getting them ready for the day. Usually in the middle of the afternoon when they’re napping (or more often they’ll get to stay up and we’ll watch a movie while I run), but then I have to factor in lunch, and it’s overall difficult since I tend to lose energy throughout the day and really don’t like waiting until the afternoon to get in my workout!

  2. Best cake photo ever. You’ve got to get a print of that one!
    My treadmill upped and died on me the other day, and now when my husband travels I’m thinking of doing laps around my neighborhood. I just don’t love it enough to invest in another one….I don’t think that’s really an option for you, is it? Your kiddos are probable too young…anyway, great picture!!