Parsley’s 2017 Running Must-Haves for the New Mom

As the temperatures continue to drop, here are my favorite things of 2017 that I recommend every mom (or dad) running with young kids bring with them to 2018.

First, my triple running stroller still remains one of the best, all-time favorite things I’ve bought. Worth every single penny. Not only did it keep me sane during my husband’s deployment, it adds a lot of flexibility to my running and schedule as an married, yet often single mom. I love it so much, I even wrote it a song!

Ode to my triple running stroller, sung to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Pushing three kids was hard

Especially going uphill

But I didn’t want to be a lard

Because of desserts I eat my fill


Sometimes I ran inside

Instead of pushing the triple-wide

And then I could run faster

But the treadmill became my master


(chorus, sung twice)

Oh, triple stroller triple stroller

You really did save me

Because without you I would have gone

Completely crazy


I pack water bottles and treats

And put the kids in their seat

No matter what the weather

We run in the cold or heat


An essential piece of gear

For all my running this year

And I’d just like to thank you

Even now with winter here


(chorus, sung twice)

Oh, triple stroller triple stroller

You really did save me

Because without you I would have gone

Completely crazy


Next, to go along with stroller running in the winter, I’d like to recommend two of my favorite pieces of essential gear.

Ready for our run, mom!

For baby, I recommend the Patagonia reversible puff-ball bunting. It’s a good way to keep baby nice and cozy without overheating. It’s wind and water resistant, and has hand and foot coverings since we all know how easy it is to keep mittens/shoes on little ones. It’s lightweight and so comfortable I wish they made it in adult sizes. I purposefully bought one in a larger size so all of my kids have been able to wear it through two winters — one as a bunting, and one without the hands/feet covered, more like a snowsuit.

Finally, for the runner, I recommend the Brooks Threshold Glove. Having lived in New York and Colorado, I’ve tried a lot of different running gloves. None ever seemed to really do the trick, and I still always had to tuck my hands in my sleeves, which is hard to do while pushing a stroller. These work. Two gloves in one, they have a normal stretchy glove that is warm but doesn’t make you sweat layer, and then a mitten shell that goes on top. These gloves are perfect for blocking the wind while my hands are on the stroller handlebar. I even wear them running solo. If my hands get too warm, I pull back the mitten layer which is light enough I don’t even feel it flapping around.

What are your running “must-haves” that you are bringing with you to 2018?


I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. Former competitive runner (3 x marathon OTQ & trail marathon national champion) currently working through a lingering injury. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids and moving into a new post-competitive stage.

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  1. that triple running stroller song!!!!! I sang it in my head and laughed out loud. I love the line “because I didn’t want to be a lard”. Great post

  2. My new favorite running “must-have” is my wireless headphone/arm-sleeve for phone combo. I’ve started downloading these BBC radio-dramatizations of Agatha Christie novels, and for my Sunday morning long-runs, I actually look forward to them! (Yes, I’ve stopped running with headphones when it’s dark. Thank goodness for friends).
    p.s. Love the baby pic.

    1. Interesting. I normally don’t even listen to music while running, but a book on tape type thing might actually work for me- especially on solo long runs. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. haha, great post, but I was reading this, excited for the “new mom” aspect of the running gear, and realized we must live in totally different climates and none of this applies…I’m in southeast Texas and my must-have for 2018 is an early morning alarm so I can get my run in while the hubs and baby are still asleep…and before it’s too hot to run… It’s in the high 70s today…