Parsley’s 10 Month Postpartum Training Log, M-10, and Non-Race Race Report

Have a lot going on in this one, so I’ll break it down into three sections: significant changes with baby turning 10 months, 10 weeks until marathon time, and a race that unfortunately did not feel like a race!

Baby update

I recently read somewhere that it can take a woman’s body up to two years to fully recover from childbirth. Five years after my first and multiple physical therapists later, I’m still trying to bring my separated abs back together, but that’s an entire post on its own. I’ll just send random 17 month, 55 month, 80 month, etc. postpartum updates!

But seriously, as Rosie turned 10 months, she hit several milestones, and suddenly seems more like a little person than a baby. ย Exciting but also a little sad, since she’s my last one. On her 10 month birthday, I brought her in to the Dr. for a weight check, and she finally doubled her birth weight- exactly to the ounce!

At exactly 10 months and one week, she started sleeping through the night! While she still wakes up, she goes back to sleep fairly quickly, without me having to get up. ย Which also means at some point in the near future I will also start getting a full night’s sleep and no longer be in a semi-permanent zombie state!

As far as running with a 10 month old- a little harder to park the stroller and do strides/workouts, since she’s no longer content to sit on a blanket. Cruising not walking, and trying to eat everything (grass, sticks, piles of dirt, ants) she can get her hands on.

Training (M-10 weeks): 88 miles (counting about 8 aqua jogging)

Sunday 9/3: 1:45 total; 35 run to the pool / 35 aqua jog/ 35 run home

Monday 9/4: 1:10 total; 37 min run, the rest aqua jog.

Tuesday 9/5: 1:10 w/ the triple, 17 w/ the single. Finally got in to see the chiropractor in the afternoon. Said my hip was definitely out of alignment, did some ice/e-stem, and finally a few adjustments. Walked out of there feeling like a new person.

Wednesday 9/6: Feeling back to normal after seeing the chiro, finally able to do a workout. 1:38 total, with 8 x mile repeats on Bethesda Rd. Last few times I’ve done this workout I did 4 and averaged 5:45 pace. This time, I started off in the dark, was tentatively a little slower so I didn’t roll an ankle in the many potholes on this gravel road, and warmed up to consistently average 5:58 for all of them. I intended to do 6, but had the time to do more, and while I felt like I couldn’t really go any faster, felt like I could keep clicking them off, so added 2 extra.

Thursday 9/7: 71 total, 50 w/ triple, 21 w/ single.

Friday 9/8: 1:16 total, 31 w/ triple including a ginormous hill, 15 mins of strides, 30 home w/ triple. 3 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon @ 6:58 pace.

Saturday 9/9: 60 mins, 5K in 18:38, 62 mins.

Non-race race report

I’ll call this a non-race race report because the race definitely ended up as a tempo workout instead of a race I really wanted to run a race this week to get a gauge for my fitness. The pickins’ were slim- not many in my 2 hour search radius, and several canceled because of the impending hurricane. I ended up heading to the closest one I could find which was an hour away.

My plan was also to get in a distance day Saturday, so 2+ hours of running with a 5K somewhere in between. After registering I had time to run for an hour, then headed to the start. While I didn’t think it was going to be super competitive, I did have a little bit of a sinking feeling as it looked like many of the participants were beneficiaries of the charity cause (it was held at a retirement center raising money for Alzheimer’s). There was one guy who looked to be taking it seriously, maybe a little too much so, as he crouched down with his hands on the pavement like in starting blocks for a 100m as the gun went off.

Unfortunately I passed him and took the lead soon after the first mile, and he didn’t put up any fight. Instead of finding it empowering and boosting my confidence, I found it disheartening. I didn’t pay $30 (although it was for a good cause) and drive an hour each way run by myself. Needless to say, I didn’t run as nearly as fast as I had hoped to, and won by over 20 seconds in 18:38 (6:01 pace).

Continued on with another 60 minute run, and had my spirits lifted as I saw a Bojangles truck at the finish area as a race sponsor! Was in sad disbelief to find they only brought fruit trays, no sweet tea or biscuits in sight. Really Bojangles? I wouldn’t expect fruit trays from you. Don’t you know a girl needs her carbs after a run?

Did win a Fleet Feet gift card, but honestly felt I should have saved the 2 hours of driving and could have gotten a better workout in on the track by myself at home.

I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. Former competitive runner (3 x marathon OTQ & trail marathon national champion) currently working through a lingering injury. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids and moving into a new post-competitive stage.

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  1. I was thinking about this the other day, at what point do I stop looking at it as postpartum running and not just running.

    Regardless though, It’s awesome to read your training and all the success you have had postpartum even with challenges along the way. It’s helpful as someone navigating it all for the first time now.

    Bummer about the 5k ending up being more of a workout, we can never predict who will show up on race day…which can be a blessing and curse depending on what you are looking to get out of it.