Parsley’s One Month Post Marathon Training Log – 3.11.17

It’s been a long month. I felt physically recovered about two weeks after the marathon, but I’m just exhausted from my husband’s deployment, and it’s only been a few weeks. Single parenting is hard! But anytime I start feeling Woe is Me creep in, I give it a little slap in the face and remind myself that I’m the one who gets to be here safe in the comfort of my own home with my kids; hubby is out there in a horrible place doing dangerous things (ie: not working a desk job).

Plus chronic fatigue from baby still not sleeping through the night is really setting in. While she looks deliciously chubby, she’s pretty petite according to the growth chart, so it could be awhile before she (therefore we) sleep a full night. Which I think could be fine since that’s what babies do, it’s the other two who find various excuses to get out of bed and wake me up at random times that are really putting me over the edge.

Wah, wah, wah, bottom line is I’m tired, so it’s hard for me to find a lot of extra energy to run right now. And sadly, it’s feeling more like a chore than something I enjoy doing. But I’ll keep plugging along building a base until I get more sleep and can do more.

Week 2/12-2/18 (8 miles)

After a few ridiculously sore days (that’s what I get for running a marathon untrained!), I ran 4 miles Friday and Saturday, a week after the marathon. Very slow, helped get the last of the soreness out.

Week 2/19-2/25 (35 miles)

Started off this week getting in a few last runs by myself before hubby deployed, then spent the second half of the week trying to figure out how I’m going to manage running while he’s gone. The big news is I purchased a triple running stroller. Yes, it is crazy. But more on that later in a full post!

Sunday: 31 mins Weymouth Woods

Monday: 46 mins Weymouth Woods

Tuesday: 32 mins w/ single stroller

Wednesday: 31 mins Weymouth Woods; 17 mins w/ triple

Thursday: 21 mins w/ single stroller; 2.25 mins treadmill @6:58 pace

Friday: 50 mins w/ triple; 30 mins drills/strength work

Saturday: 33 mins w/ triple

Week 2/26-3/4 (38 miles)

Mid-week I started feeling really fatigued. Running this week didn’t really bring me any joy or stress relief like it usually does, I just felt obligated to do it.

Sunday: 41 mins triple stroller

Monday: 5 miles treadmill – started at 7:30 pace, ended at 6:22 pace w/ 6:50 average for run (felt hard at the end)

Tuesday: 32 mins w/ single stroller; 2 miles treadmill – 7:30 to 6:22 pace

Wednesday: Nothing. Had appointments most of the day, and just didn’t have the energy when we got home to run a single step.

Thursday: 61 mins w/ single. Really struggled on this run, just did not enjoy it at all.

Friday: 6 miles treadmill at steady 7:30 pace. This was a tough one. The only reason I got through 6 miles was because I wanted to finish the episode of This Is Us I was watching.

Saturday: 61 mins w/ triple.

Week 3/5-3/11 (48 miles)

Sunday: 61 mins w/ triple

Monday: 46 mins triple really slow, I was tired

Tuesday: 61 mins w/ single

Wednesday: 2 miles treadmill – 6:57 to 6:15 pace

Thursday: 62 mins w/ single. Best run I’ve felt in over a week, maybe because my parents came to visit for a few days so I have some help!

Friday:  63 mins Weymouth Woods. Started off feeling horrible. I was exhausted, but running by myself through the nature trails on a beautiful day was wonderful!

Saturday: 62 mins w/ an impromptu mini workout! Fifteen on Weymouth trails, then I found myself on this one mile long rolling, winding, gravel road that I used to do mile repeats on. I figured why not? First mile was 6:04, ran about 4 mins to a nearby water fountain and back, second mile was 5:49. Finished the run with 8 hard strides. While I never felt amazing, at least this run gave me a slight endorphin boost I’ve been missing from doing anything hard, as well as the confidence that it’s still there when I’m ready to get it back.

I have fun trying to sprint, enjoy long runs in the mountains, and everything in between. Former competitive runner (3 x marathon OTQ & trail marathon national champion) currently working through a lingering injury. I write about trying to stay competitive while raising young kids and moving into a new post-competitive stage.

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  1. You are incredible. Mad props for pushing a triple stroller. When I pushed my double I thought that was hard, I can’t even imagine a triple.

    1. Thank you! Maybe desperate is a better description?! It’s actually not that much worse than the double, except on hills and turns.