Oregano’s Training Log – 6.5.2016

Timothy Lake Selfie!
Timothy Lake Selfie!

Plan for the week: Recovery week! And I was feeling ready for it after last week!

Monday 5/30: Rest Day! I had the day off of work and did leisure activities and it was amazing.

Tuesday 5/31: My leg was still pretty sore after the “race,” so I went to my PT and she said it’s all still the aftermath of wiping out. She did graston on my leg for the first time and it felt SO GROSS. Never has my leg felt more like a chunk of meat. Shudder.  Run: core/strength + 50 minute pool run

Wednesday 6/1: My leg was pretty bruised, but felt better. Run: 7 miles easy

Thursday 6/2: Run: 5.5 miles easy

Friday 6/3: I was supposed to do “stretching or yoga” today. I stretched for about 5 minutes and then took a nap with a cat…does that count?

Graston Leg Bruises.
Graston Leg Bruises.

Saturday 6/4: So hot in Portland! It got up to 99 degrees! My friends Katy and James and I decided to drive up to Timothy Lake (where my July 50k will take place) and we ran around the lake in the morning. It was absolutely beautiful – warm and shady with a nice breeze off the lake and a still-snowy Mt. Hood in the background. We finished up around lunch time and got rapidly-melting ice cream on the way home! All in all, a pretty perfect Saturday. Run: 12 miles (trail)

Sunday 6/5: Another rest day. Another 99 degree day. I mostly just hid inside next to my new A/C unit.

Total Mileage: 24.5 miles

Summary: The time off was nice, but I’m definitely excited to start back into training next week!

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