Oregano’s Training Log – 6.12.2016


Plan for the week: First week of my last training cycle for the 50k, focusing on speed. After this, it’s just fine tuning and tapering!

Monday 6/6: A HOT Monday! Run: 7.3 miles + core/strength

Tuesday 6/7: Early morning workouts are not my favorite, and I was really grumpy. BUT I wanted to get the workout in before it got hot and after drinking a cup (or 3) of coffee and eating some peanut butter/banana toast I felt much better. Run: 20 minute warm up. 8 x 1200 with 1 minute jog, I decided to run the first 5 as prescribed (5:00) and then push the last three (Splits: 4:49, 4:54, 4:54, 4:55, 4:54, 4:48, 4:43, 4:34). And then a jog/walk for 5 min, and then strides and then cooling down. This workout felt GREAT = 11.6 miles (+ small bike commute)

Wednesday 6/8: Run: 7 miles + core/strength

Thursday 6/9: Rest Day…with easy yoga…I tried a yoga video this time (since last time it turned into a nap). This didn’t really work for me because I was at the gym and needed to use my phone and headphones, so there was a lot of craning around to see my phone, and having to pick it up whenever I was standing because my headphone cord wasn’t long enough, etc. I ended up with a somewhat sore neck and a lot of anger, which is not really the way one is supposed to feel after a yoga routine…

Friday 6/10: Super early workout. Ugh. Run: warm-up to long, mild hill, intervals on said hill: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, cool down = 14.5 miles

Cat is learning to walk on a leash. Running cat of the future???

Saturday 6/11: The Saturday that all Saturdays should be. Started with waffles, had a run and some chores in the middle, ended with a movie night (Vertigo) with excessive snacks. Run: 10 miles (trail – forgot my watch so not sure on elevation)

Sunday 6/12: A beautiful morning and a fun run. After a bit of a stiff start everything felt great. I ran in Forest Park because I didn’t have time to go anywhere else, ran into some friends and joined them for a bit, ran my favorite section of trail in forest park (Maple Trail) which was really overgrown in one section, but the sun was shining through all of the overgrowth so it was glowing green and I was giggling uncontrollably while thrashing through it. Ended with 6 miles on Leif (net downhill) with mile splits of 7:23, 7:15, 7:22, 7:08, 7:09, 6:44. It was a happy running day. Run: 19 miles (trail – 3,598 ft elevation gain)

Total Mileage: 69.4 miles

Summary: This was a wonderful week of running. Though I had some early mornings out of necessity, all of the workouts and long runs felt great. It’s amazing what a rest week will do for your legs! : )

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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