Oregano’s Training Log – 4.8.2016

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Go-to Breakfast. Oatmeal. Dates/Apricots/Coconut. Almond Butter.

Plan for the week: Recover from travel and start normal running schedule again.

 Saturday 4/2: Flew back from Korea which took most of the day, but I got a quick 5am treadmill run done in the morning before we left. Run: 4 miles (treadmill)

Sunday 4/3: Actually feeling pretty good post-travel. Met a friend for a my first post-Chuckanut trail run! It felt fantastic! It’s so nice to be back in Oregon! Run: 12 miles (trail – 900 ft elevation gain)

Monday 4/4: Aaaaaand somehow I messed up my hip. I’m thinking maybe it was from the travel…probably from dragging my suitcase for like 3 miles all over the Narita Airport. It feels out of place and one of my legs is suddenly longer than the other one. UGH. Swim: 2km

Tuesday 4/5: Hip is still angry. I had a PT appt. and she fixed the issue momentarily, but it went out of place again over night. So frustrating. Swim: 1.5km + 15 minutes pool run

Wednesday 4/6: Tried out running. Hip does not feel good, but at this point most of the annoyance is coming from my hamstring which is having to lift my extra long leg more than usual. Run: 7 miles

Thursday 4/7: I won’t complain about how it was really too hot for running today…. Run: 5.5 miles

Friday 4/8: Aaaand, my hip is still angry. I have another PT appt set for next Tuesday, so hopefully it will get sorted out soon! On the up-side, I am still able to run, if inefficiently. Run: 6.75 miles

Total Mileage: 35.25 miles

Summary: My mileage was what I wanted for this week, but the quality was definitely not there due to my quite exasperating travel injury.

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