Oregano’s Training Log – 4.15.2016

Run/Bike with my mom!
Run/Bike with my mom!

Plan for the week: A normal, casual running week. Last free week before more goal-oriented training starts up again!

 Saturday 4/9: I stretched really big when I woke up and my hip popped somewhat dramatically. I stood up and my legs were the same length again!! I celebrated with a short (but steep) trail run! Run: 6.75+ miles (trail – 1,311 ft elevation gain)

Sunday 4/10: Such a wonderful Sunday! I drove to Hood River, OR with my mom and we went on a run/bike (I ran, she biked), got lunch, talked, ate ice cream cones and generally just had a fantastic time. Run: 9 miles

Monday 4/11: Normal Monday run! Hip is still feeling good, not 100%, but SO MUCH BETTER! Run: 6.3 miles

Tuesday 4/12: I got my hip checked out by my PT;she said that I got it about 85% of the way back in with my big stretch and she fixed it the rest of the way. I ended up run commuting to my Tuesday class as I ran out of time for a run earlier in the day. Run: 3.25 miles + 3.25 miles

Wednesday 4/13: First workout since Chuckanut! It felt great! Run: 5 miles tempo (6:42, 6:37, 6:36, 6:33, 6:27), total = 7 miles

Thursday 4/14: Intended to take a rest day, but somewhat randomly ended up running with a local HS track team. They were running “easy” and the pace started at a nice 7:30ish but accelerated to 6:50’s…not the ideal recovery day. Run: 4.4 miles

Friday 4/15: A beautiful day! My legs felt a bit tired, but it was a fun run with good friends! Run: 8.3 miles

Total Mileage: 48.25 miles

Summary: Wow, I just realized I ran seven days this week. That was definitely unintentional! My hip feels much better and I’m excited to start the next training cycle. I’m also starting to talk with a coach for the first time, so we’ll see how that goes! Exciting times! : )

I'm a proud resident of Portlandia, ex-running store employee, pulmonary emboli conquerer and connoisseur of high fives. I write about running community, trail running/training and anything else that grabs my immediate interest. I'm currently running for fun with my crazy friends - no races on the horizon YET.

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  1. Look at your tempo workout paces– I wish we could run together! They need to build a bullet train between Eugene and Portland! Congrats on starting with a coach, too!